29 thoughts on “🔴 Going BIG! $100 SPINS on Excessive Restrict Slots at Agua Caliente Palm Springs”
  1. Richard Barnes says:

    Sponsored casino?

  2. April Grenot says:

    Jin Long 888 – my favorite part of the music is that wooden clapping from the kuai ban – love it!

  3. Vera Sloboda says:

    Hi Brian, love watching your videos. Big fans from Mississauga, Ontario.

  4. Shani Rendell says:

    Watching from South Wales uk.

  5. Terry Dietzen says:


  6. Toobula says:

    I know you can't show too much of the casino, but hat we can catch looks pretty nice. I went to a casino in Rhode Island yesterday and went home sad. Upstairs closed, most food closed, restaurant closed, every other machine disabled with plexiglass between every seat in the house. The only upside was that the casino went no-smoking. It was honestly depressing.

  7. Collie W says:

    That was such great fun and laughs, thanks Brian and Britt 🙂 PS cute earrings Britt✨

  8. Jordy Teo says:

    is there any casino still have "Cluedo" slot? Missed playing it

  9. Lali Slots says:

    Can't say you didn't try.

  10. Brenda Taylor says:

    Hello Brain from Louisiana

  11. Lourdes Alejandria says:

    You are not lucky this time.

  12. kris best says:

    Got 1000 on a 50cent bet last night magic pearl. I thanked the machine…

  13. Gert Schaafsma says:

    Net time better. This was not a good Day greetings from Holland

  14. Tammy Jacobs says:

    Ouch…but as always love watching you two

  15. GoofyMomma Mac says:

    That needs to be a shirt for sure! Booook boookkk boook banza

  16. RyanKaufman says:

    For losing 900 in 9 hits, you did pretty well lmao

  17. John Ventura says:


  18. Pop Corn says:

    That rng is out to get your money every time.

  19. Karsten 2409Travel says:

    Dont eat so much Chickens

  20. jobager75 says:

    As much as I enjoy watching you playing, all those high limit things (which is for me everything above 2.50 a spin) are not my favorite parts. Hope you won‘t forget about as low rollers completely…

  21. Dee Lopez says:

    Hello Brian I'm a new subscriber to your utube channel from mishawaka indiana

  22. spider88able says:

    good luck

  23. Marsha Meadows says:

    How do you know when it has to go off? Curious for myself lol

  24. impossibledrms says:

    Chicken master

  25. Tom Heinrich says:

    Thank you for showing us how greedy Agua Caliente has become……..

  26. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Thanks for sharing…$100 a spin…Wow wow…Wished it would've hit something fantastic for ya. BLNT

  27. Hassadnah Abraham says:

    Pray for your wealth

  28. Debbie Bull says:

    I was laughing the whole last game. My last name is Bull

  29. christiansvideos says:

    I like the titles that dont tell if its a big hit! More exciting watching though the whole video not knowing. Some youtubers tell you what game and what the win is in the titles… So you know all video the other games are almost always a bust. Youre one of the only slot players I enjoy all the way through the entire videos. So much positivity always even losing and fun energy!

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