17 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty Metropolis – The Venturas Poker Problem”
  1. J Martin says:

    It's funny how if a teenager played GTA IV today and saw this, they wouldn't get it. Televised poker isn't really a thing anymore apart from once in a blue moon on ESPN. But TV Poker was so massive from 2003-2011 though. Even on The Travel Channel and Bravo it was on.

    Good times.

  2. Kyli Berry says:

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  3. Kyli Berry says:

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  4. Kimmo Laine says:

    Noooo! Why did it end with a cliffhanger :O
    My hands were sweating!


    This is freaking hilarious

  6. Farid Kazem says:

    They should make a parody of Nascar and air it on Weazel.

  7. Kleavers says:

    These commercials are bordering art.

  8. guasto47 says:

    guys covered with logos wearing sunglasses,indoors! lol

  9. jaytheoutlaw says:

    Oh thanks. But I already know what GTA IV looks like, I played the whole game haha. Yeah, I'm almost obsessed with the GTA series, except the aerial view games. The whole story line of GTA along with their references to the previous games are awesome.

  10. jaytheoutlaw says:

    1:50 & 2:41 & 3:09 & 4:29 & 6:30 – 6:38 & 10:27 , are those from GTA San Andreas (game play) or is that something how GTA V will look?

  11. jaytheoutlaw says:

    If anyone knows "the Simpsons" tv show, you will recognize the ending of the "VIG Insurance" commercial is the same as the Simpsons intro.

  12. Haoko says:

    "Man watching other people play cards is so exciting! -Yes!"

  13. BradLand022 says:

    IT'S A THREE! That's amazing, that doesn't help anyone!

  14. lucas monteiro das chagas says:

    01:30-01:42 GTA SA graphic .

  15. josephborderline says:

    It's the fitness level of our biggest stars that make poker the incredible sport it has become.

  16. Savata K says:

    where did i go to play poker in gta 4 ?

  17. AmbientSpaceNoise says:

    @MrSuperguy93 thats random

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