30 thoughts on “Gta 5 On line casino Mission 3X Gta$ – How To Begin On line casino Missions”
  1. Le rat says:

    So is It a 50k bonus for each missions or just for completing all of them

  2. Jacob Turner-Read says:

    How much can u make for doing it first time this week as i looked into it says 3mill as i times stuff by 3 but doesnt sound right
    Anyone know?

  3. Ghost face C says:

    I tried to do a mission and they MADE me get a partner. I restart my session and I call her…mission starts? Which is the better way? I know calling her is definitely quicker. I’d rather do that than actually go into the casino. Is there a difference? I did not receive double $

  4. Rivas Mf says:

    There's no letter A in the casino and I check the jobs tab and there's nothing

  5. Ritchie Ridge says:

    3:14 this is the thing u need. gtav.buzz . Am I right? 垃圾。Lord.

  6. Pasci_husky says:

    i didnt get 3x whyyyy

  7. Paulo Souza Jr. says:

    I have a theory that you're not any kind of native english speaker. I almost recognize the accent. I think you are brazilian like me.

  8. St9 Owen says:

    I’ve got a Penthouse and I’m in the casino but when I go into the management area to start the mission there is no checkpoint bit

  9. Gaming Logo says:

    did you quit Live Streaming? hope not

  10. FR3 Smoke says:

    I just hosted it, the one were you find cheng but no other missions are popping up.

  11. Amin VIP1 says:

    I am in this video let’s gooo

  12. Jigi says:

    So basicly this week's triple cash and rp are pointles to ppl like me with no penthouse.. very good rockstargames!

  13. MrAaabbbyyy says:

    Can i do them solo?

  14. Re:Dead says:

    cockstar games strikes again -_-
    “Casino Work”
    you’d think it includes casino heist but no

  15. zax FN says:

    bro this is so weird, I just did the 2nd mission and I got the paragon r plus 500k wtf

  16. zax FN says:

    I need someone to do this on Xbox one

  17. Iwannhs Masmanidis says:

    Wish.com more like I Wish i was dead

  18. Iwannhs Masmanidis says:

    Guys granpa is in the casino again

  19. Nikola_ BG says:

    thx bro

  20. kam m says:

    Did those only to get the armored car lol
    With toreador is easier

  21. lyn assaf says:

    Thx for the vid , any stream today ?

  22. Gaming Logo says:

    always speedy at being 1st

  23. Monsieur Moby says:

    Do you get 300k after beating all of them for the first time? Or is it just 100k?

  24. Keelan Quinn says:

    Are you streaming tonight

  25. Yosvany Yamil says:

    Hey I love your video btw bro u the BAST

  26. Vuppe says:

    Nice vid!

  27. Liquified Ace says:

    Noti gang

  28. Keelan Quinn says:

    First and I need to know this

  29. Gaming Logo says:


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