38 thoughts on “GTA 5 On-line – SOLO GLITCHES & TRICKS! (Secret On line casino Wallbreach, Off-Radar Glitch, Launch Glitch)”
  1. BOOTME ONLINE says:

    4:47 where can I locate that in the map

  2. Hebrew Loc says:

    Ok bud, like last vid I commented on the same thing here, your first wallbreach depending on the server may or may not be patched so you may or may not get killed going in, just 2 days ago me and a couple guys were in that area testing and checking past wallbreaches and ps3 known breaches, and by the way for 4yrs on ps3 me and friends used that glitch, I had found it trying to find a wallbreach for the back on that block just east of it, never did find one for that, anyways I had just confirmed the crane & motorcycle wallbreach just up the street form your first one, where you pop a wheelie behind the latter and you get stuck and thrown off the bike and then it falls on you, then it flings you into the building next to the crane, any when I spawned after killing myself to exit the building I was in, I appeared infront of your first breach shown, knowing it i grabbed a car right out front pulled up, 2 buddies came running up, one by one.we pulled up over the wall, 1st guy, safe me, dead 3rd guy dead, a 4th watching across the street trys, safe. Wtf, so before, it's gonna vary from lobby to lobby, you might show a friend & you make it and he dies or visa versa. There's also around the corner that one from ps3 that you pull an SUV to the left of a parking garage entrance inbetween a wall and a boulder with the back against a balcony and you pull up into the wallbreach from the balconies ledge, this works like most old wallbreaches like the first one here, it depends what lobby and who, so you might die but your buddy survives. Go lobby hopping trying old breaches LaazerGaming bet you'll be shocked how many still work, depending on the lobby. Lol

  3. TechSavage _ says:


  4. 99ppmk says:

    I would like to see you get in the tall maze bank

  5. Bloody Ways says:

    I love your videos man!! Idk if you mod accounts but if you do lmk, but I only have ps3 but some glitches still work. But keep it up !

  6. BiG Al says:

    Please turn your mic up in future my g

  7. Jack Duffield says:

    U are one of the only legit YouTube’s and I respect u it would mean the world if u liked my comment

  8. Justin says:

    Can you find a way into the FIB Building? In a mission in the story mode, the characters mess around in the FIB Building to steal the data and put it on fire. The interior of the building is detailed and I wonder if we can go inside in GTA online

  9. Loko says:

    more vids like these

  10. YaBoii_Pigeon says:

    I have a question for the launch glitch does it have to be a rhino tank or could it be the kanjali(I don’t know how to spell it)

  11. disterbedchief says:

    I need people to grind out hiest with I'm sick of random my gamer tag is chief9657

  12. And Harold Company says:

    Looking for people to play with on Xbox one my gamertag is RarinDragon89

  13. Dylan Cruz13 says:

    Anyone mods on PS4 and could help me out ?

  14. Bryan perez says:

    I'm one of the new subscribers.. cool glitches

  15. Evan Prestipino says:

    With the first one, itd be better to just camp underwater in the stromberg

  16. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    How did u keep the Christmas stuff

  17. Bada says:

    Looking for someone that has b2b or somethin that u can make ez money add me on PSN: Cureleeet

  18. just an egg says:

    I didnt get my 250k from rockstars money promotion.. any idea whay? I logged in last weekend, idk why tho.

  19. Nightfroster 78 says:

    Keep up the good work laazar

  20. Xl DEAD SNIPER lX says:

    Anyone who does any wall breach there not god mode anyone can shoot you with thermal from long range

  21. Zoe Simedrea says:

    Any girl gamers here?I'm playing on xbox one
    Username is EasternCandy58

  22. gi0o0o0 says:

    anyone wanna run the bogdan problem act 2 glitch and become a billionaire with me? you have to have act 2 ready! add my PSN yooitsgio and leave a message saying bogdan problem or something

  23. GamingSlop says:

    just subbed love the vid keep up the awsome

  24. Boxing Stars says:

    Not sure if it’s been done but can the prison be done?

  25. Jacob says:

    Isn’t rockstar gonna release a casino DLC?

  26. Negative lol says:

    Can someone help me farm some money? A player that is ceo or something? My xbox username is xd Ragegod

  27. Dumb PlayzGame says:

    39th person

  28. PoYo LoKo says:

    "And then banhg" LaazrGaming

  29. LT Crunch says:

    thanks for the guides and glitchs

  30. Gaming Chicken says:

    Noooo I’m late!!!

  31. Ewo On Sight says:

    LaazrGaming car you find a workaround to get the peramedic outfit because its patched

  32. Paul Gasior says:

    Yo you help me a lot thank you new sub

  33. Mr- In__Famous says:

    If you want to enter any building in rdr2 just do the lantern glitch but at the door

  34. Master Modz says:

    Selling my Modded Acc Ps4 Only Rank 759 2 BILLION COUPLE MODDED OUTFITS MSG IG SellingGtamoddedacc_

  35. SLEEPY says:

    Can you find a way into the arena itself. When your walking around in the workshop, you can clearly see that the arena itself has a designed interior and it has construction going on. It'd be cool to be able to mess around in the arena and not just have access to the workshop and garages..

  36. Mr GoGs says:

    who else found this channel from watching a video of a French yellow vest protesters hand being blown off? 🙂

  37. Landon Linke says:

    Can you do one for the fib building

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