1. Onespot Gaming says:

    Whom did you encountered more ?

  2. Z_rodrigo_x says:

    Casino guards vs Cayo perico guards

  3. moon Very 328 says:

    Can you do casino guard vs El Rubio guards

  4. Lorenzo Zanghì says:

    El Rubio's guards?

  5. Trap_Door says:

    Casino guards they are much more armed and there’s more of them.

  6. gamingJorge j says:

    Merrywhether vs casino vs mercenary vs cayo vs police

  7. Pawan says:

    In car test the winner is thar driver Lamborghini ne takkar mari phir se sida ho gyaop move ment

  8. James Mc hugh says:


  9. Z4ck says:

    how do you do that in GTA? you use a program or something

  10. King Shreyash Singh says:

    Casino guards gangsta until Clifford mercs start speaking invisible juggernaut.

  11. Llyed Zepol says:

    I dont know how

  12. Llyed Zepol says:

    How to download Gta v

  13. Llyed Zepol says:

    Ahhhhh can you all help me

  14. Maria Söderlind says:

    1:17 damn, casino guards have no mercy

  15. Persephone says:

    are cliffords mercenaries clones?

  16. dr.choco CHEESE says:

    Where is rubio's men?

  17. Spring Blasty Animations says:

    I assume you don't know the vehicles The Cliffford Mercenaries use

  18. 6thGear says:

    Perico Guards (fully equipped, no disruptions) vs Merryweather Agents

  19. Michele Contessa says:

    Caio perico guards vs casino guards

  20. JJ James says:

    At 0:40 the casino guard in all black with face shield foot was over the line casino guards won the race

  21. Mahadu Khetmalas says:

    Casino gaurds

  22. SZYBKI WOJTAS says:

    Next up: Clifford mercs vs Russian soldiers (Bogdan crew)

  23. Finn The Human says:

    Why these mens driving super cars?

  24. Doge explains says:

    Hey heres a suggestion, Money truck vs Swat truck

  25. Eurybia ball [UIRUS] {CAR} says:

    Casino guards VS El Rubio’s cartel

  26. Thatcool Dude2605 says:

    Conclusion: casino guards are more trained than mercaneries

  27. Jamal Davis says:

    What mods do you use for your videos?

  28. Blxck says:

    How? Normaly the akt 3 guys eat one f*cking mag.

  29. PinTheBox says:

    Can u make gangstas vs cops?

  30. khorshad alam says:

    you are so close to 3million subscribes

  31. MD Gaming says:

    Who is cool

  32. XGplays says:

    i already know what one is stronger

    and there a LOT stronger

  33. Kaushik Dutta says:

    I love ur videos a lot

  34. Xxtakerxxiii Xiii says:

    Lol that's all

  35. Steve R says:

    Duggan vs Cayo perico guards

  36. Robin Kunze says:

    where do you get the npcs from

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