43 thoughts on “Gta On-line Diamond On line casino Heist Elite Problem (Aggressive Strategy) $2,400,000”
  1. RandomWeirdThings 248 says:

    Thanks For Watching :), edit: im VERY SORRY, in the start of the video my prep setup was wrong it was my old prep setup photo, so my setup is, gunman 7%cut, driver 7%cut, hacker 9%cut. Other Prep Done= Duggan Shipment, Security Pass, Armor Prep.

  2. Olatunji Babatunde says:

    Huh controller player

  3. Kevin Official says:

    Hello RDM,im from future and u are my uncle in future


  4. Mik 322 says:

    What randoms think they have to do while big con

  5. r10th3ftaut0 Playz says:

    I thought it was so funny when that blind agent was literally just running into the wall!
    Edit: It’s 2:03.

  6. k4day4n says:

    Its better to enter by the sewer i think beacuse then you enter on the botom flor

  7. TORCHman99 says:

    Wouldn't tunnel be faster though? Or am I stupid?

  8. Hero Brain says:

    pin me now its an oder

  9. Stoner 69 says:

    Wish you hadve used combat MG. Makes it more badass

  10. oBirino says:

    Is Lester watching everything by the security cameras?

  11. Arron Evans says:

    Is diamond back in heists yet

  12. Shi Fulan says:

    Perfect takes for aggressive method doesn't exis-

  13. Cassat53 says:

    That's okay! Thanks for the content! Maybe i'll try it myself sometime! 🙂

  14. Renante Zapatos says:

    who is watching in 2020 XD

  15. HEROX GAMING says:

    What is the heist celebration music at the end he muted it cuz of the copyright but i never found it on yt when i heard it first if anyone knows the name of it pls respond

  16. Yennefer says:

    Reminder for everyone: do Duggan Shipments and Reinforced Armors

  17. Registered Homie Misser says:

    Remember, no russians

  18. Андрей Туманов says:

    100% console game. Auto aim only in console

  19. QuzBie Jayden says:

    I did aggressive and raided the whole vault it was hard mode and it was Artwork and we lost no money

  20. Mr. Goodman says:

    Real question is why would you get 7% gunner and 7% driver and not go through the sewers? Same goes with Paige get the 7% hacker for artwork ALWAYS. Not criticizing it but you know you could have made a little more money

  21. Very Fast says:


  22. VeLocity •_• says:

    1:42 myyyyyy phone

  23. Naruto Is da best says:

    If you play on ps4 can I do the heist with you plz

  24. One Death says:

    You deserve more for your yt let’s be honest guys

  25. Ironman 4x4 Pakistan says:

    Hi bro u really helped me btw can i add u on ps4 Acc: mohammad_Sk10

  26. XXDEVINXX32 1 says:

    Hey watch out for… oh never mind

  27. UnkownGamer_94 says:

    This heist is kinda impossible with randoms

  28. Macsen says:

    Why didn’t they just go sewers or get the heli at police station

  29. Kubsi • 11 years ago says:

    So I have to steal cash to earn cash

    R* Logic

  30. FraZac Z says:

    Policemen come to the crime scene: they all died shot in the face !

  31. Michael Kraiton says:

    Tell me if im wrong but you're using aim assist right?

  32. Domantas Mackevičius says:

    Do helicopter escape

  33. RG Ardaninho says:

    #RDMchallenge (super hard)
    -Aggresive on hard mode with no optional preps
    -Any driver or gunman
    -Hacker must be Rickie Luckens
    -Do not get shot once
    -Do not go to the sewers or train tunnels
    -No decoy
    -Any money target

  34. Zander S. says:

    It’s funny how you lose a couple of hundred dollars when the artwork gets shot. Seems like it would ruin the whole piece lol.

  35. PlutoMC says:

    Bruh we got 2.8M today, BUT A GUY LEFT!

  36. Tyler Moen says:

    bruh y’all lost like 100 k

  37. TRA H & A says:

    It seems like you are getting shot a lot but taking very little damage

  38. Nathan Thomas says:

    The real Heist is the casino guy robbing the phone while it was unlocked

  39. BlackDeku says:

    Random what editor do you use

  40. Conor Crutchley says:

    How do you choose what vehicle you use to actually drive to the casino? I always have no choice and drive the crappy 4 door.

  41. discharged says:

    Why did you have the cheapest hacker and 8 and 9 % drivers and gunmen

  42. niansillabffs says:

    This was kind of sloppy. Didn't steal the hidden extra cash on the second floor. Took a full minute before you grabbed any art. You sat by a noose agent shooting you to look at the map in the car. Instead of taking the tunnels and losing the police ASAP you took the highway and was basically spotted the whole way but good job with the headshot challenge

  43. OffDaGloop says:

    Something I don’t get when you enter the casino you can see a faint blue light. Meaning the screens lost signal before they noticed you…

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