25 thoughts on “GTA On-line Diamond On line casino Heist Prime 10 Ideas And Methods”
  1. TheProfessional says:

    I hope this helps people out. Are there any other tips or tricks that I missed? Let me know down below. Also here is a link to GTAMEN’s guides on the signal jammer locations he made a very useful guide on it and the navy revolver. Check out his channel as well guys. He has a great channel

    GTAMEN Signal Jammer Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnjM50uFwy0

    GTAMEN Navy Revolver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDd7sdFIV54

  2. Muttosaur says:

    Can you do the heist more then once?

  3. 3DaPeZ2 x says:

    Tysm that vid really helped me out

  4. Luca Galgano says:

    You can get more from the daily cash iv gotten 90k before

  5. William Raleigh says:

    Does anyone know how I get my coke to produce in my nightclub? I've reassigned the technician and shut down and restarted the business.

  6. Mayhem Storm says:

    Small tips I have for anyone

    cancel the heist if it isn’t paintings( the payout isn’t worth it)
    Only go sneaking or secch(again the payout isn’t worth it)
    If you wanna get best payout just have 2 people

  7. Chris says:

    The drone station does not have infinite range ,arcade

  8. cornelius black says:

    Do you still play gta

  9. Juan Caudillo says:

    It’ sounds like he’s spitting when he talks

  10. Jeffrey Palton says:

    How about proximity based blip system. Then you couldd atleast have a chance of escaping people instead of them being able to see your every move.

  11. JW. says:

    I made 60 million with the casino heist just by playing it over and over… i love this heist

  12. Evan R says:

    My speed was on 1.5 because of the last video i watched. Hearing you at 1.5 i thought you were high

  13. Sverre- Goes-karting says:

    I really hate school sorry but always when i come /came home i watch a video of ur gta video's and of just makes my day

  14. Shay Patrick Cormac says:

    I would get vault door to practice the drill and laser.

  15. Destin Pagan says:

    The one k dislikes are from duggan security gaurds

  16. Marshall Taylor says:

    Do I agree that the casino model and vault door was a waste of money? Sure. Do I regret buying them? No. Because they add a little bit of detail and I prefer it over having a blank wall and empty table. Also I use the MCT for crates because of my warehouse locations, first 3 are closer to my arcade last 2 are further and I have the terrorbyte over by them. So I go arcade WH1 arcade WH2 arcade WH3 arcade WH4 terrorbyte WH5 terrorbyte back to WH1

  17. Mr. Thiccums says:

    Wendy will contact you if the getaway cars get damaged or if the safe is to full, and that’s it as far as I know

  18. mark whitehead says:

    I'm building up to doing this heist but don't like working with other people. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet and feel embarrassed if I end up flaffing about lol.

  19. Agustín Daffada Montaño says:

    Did you know that if you kill the valet of the casino you get a totally different mission when you get the security cards??

  20. Attila Szederkényi says:


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  21. I Did Something says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know, they fixed MCT stock

  22. Crownless Octo says:

    Wendy calls when your safe is fulled

  23. Ran Erez says:

    Just a small reminder. The arcade garage becomes available to use only after scoping out the Casino

  24. Wojownik Rzeki San says:

    1:33 Wendy has a purpose: when you make the gateway car prep she texts you with cost of repair

  25. Boogs says:

    Can I get some cash? Lmfao

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