1. Alex Tryhard says:

    What is this song called??

  2. MaGma GpXD16 says:

    It was the brawler

  3. Sara Shahnaz says:

    How can we get podium vehicle from lucky wheel? Always got cloth or RP, any tips?

  4. Brent Brabin says:

    I just win this weeks podium car !

  5. jamerson sneddonio says:

    personally i want opressor mk 1

  6. Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad says:

    I won the dr1 but I’m waiting for the money to be on the podium with a opresser mk2 or mk1 maby a deluxo

  7. Big Chile says:

    lol .. really? Bruh, Any car is a possible podium vehicle.. lol.

  8. necrophilia gaming says:

    I’m just waiting for bitches to be on the podium

  9. Dr. Rogue says:

    Once all cars have been put on the podium there will be real money maybeeeeee??????

  10. Previous Live says:

    Ok gaulet being on the wheel which one custom or normal

  11. TJ Morrison says:

    He was actually right about the D1

  12. Alex Tryhard says:

    I really like this song what is it called?

  13. MaGma GpXD16 says:

    Wow, It was the dr1

  14. kephkeph18 says:

    Its all fun and games until you see an oppressor mk2 on the podium

  15. Cole jareth Verzosa says:

    I magine if the bmx is the podium

  16. Ebad's QURAN Classes says:

    How about if we get 10million dollars on podium lists

  17. Ebad's QURAN Classes says:

    Yeah just waiting for the discounts

  18. LAM LAM LI says:


  19. Beast Mode says:

    This guy makes quality content with talking like wtf how! Keep it up tho

  20. DTG says:

    I want the x80proto on podium

  21. PainsNotYourName says:

    Vigilante anyone?

  22. MisterVC. says:

    I really want the XA21 on the podium man. Such a damn sexy car.

  23. Mono says:

    hoping 2x on casino heists

  24. Aaron's Vlogs says:

    I really want them to put the albyni car in real life a Cadillac car I want that car bad

  25. Yuvi TheProCapten24 says:

    I hope all vehicle become a podium vehicle

  26. Steven Yarnell says:

    Idk what the podium vehicle is im most likely gonna win it im 5 for 6 lost 6 weeks been lucky think it might run out

  27. Riken Ardian says:

    Possible next car discount : Z-type, sterling GT

  28. Riken Ardian says:

    Perhaps just my feelings, but I feel that these days is kinda harder to get a podium vehicles after last update. Before summer update, I got lucky and wins 5 times podium in 3 months duration. But these days. Bruh… Only got 2,500 RP.

  29. TDiamonds23 Ice says:

    Imagine it's the declasse tornado

  30. Austin Howells says:

    T-20 is coming two

  31. Dark Gamer116 says:

    I need something in warstock

  32. Darian says:

    U make this same exact video like every week

  33. Joker 100 says:

    Pls dou live

  34. Alex Tryhard says:

    Keep up good work gentle what song is this?

  35. Alex Tryhard says:

    Somone now what song this is?

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