9 thoughts on “GTA On-line On line casino Heist Prep Mission – Vault Explosives”
  1. Earl Lee says:

    Cant find the 2nd set

  2. JSSRocket says:

    This is the singlehandedly most FUCKING STUPID SETUP

  3. Ola K says:

    Could I use a buzzard instead

  4. Jesse James says:

    What happens if you collect 1 out of 2 explosives because it said I completed the prep with only 1.

  5. 7Nickz _ says:

    Thank you

  6. Thejakernator says:

    This mission is ridiculously hard to do solo

  7. Cal Foth says:

    Or you can just grab the scuba kit and a boat and not destroy your oppressor ?

  8. TrpManne says:

    Yeah where is the other one!? Can’t find it!

  9. Brooke !!!! says:

    How much time do u have to complete the mission

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