46 thoughts on “GTA On-line Reductions, Bonuses & Information (13th Could 2021) – GTA 5 Weekly Replace Information №83”
  1. Broughy1322 says:

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    Top Speed Testing (Playlist): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx_tHjuVuROBJQHhnhvA2UdqBhbLIV2DG

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  2. Cool Cool says:


  3. WhenAreWeGamin 420 says:

    How come my prime gaming vehicle discounts don’t show on these vehicles? Its the same stock price. Any advice on what i should do?

  4. Kevin says:

    when does the 80% more cash back end

  5. The Pog Guy says:

    wonder is it actually drifts

  6. nglish says:

    can you please provide actual subtitles?

  7. Brotherbeam says:

    The menacer just feels placeless. I really can’t think of anywhere I would specifically need one….

  8. NomadChimera says:

    Broughy and Sonny Evans should do a GFred survival starting at the island in a Karin Technical Aqua with kamikaze enemies in Buzzards getting better weaponized vehicles along the way? Top speed weaponized vehicle countdown?

  9. Suxix says:

    They better make the PS5 go on sale if they expect me to buy one just to play gta5….a game thats been out for how many years now???????? They're milking us for all we have… I think they're going to be pushing out a lot of the original core players of this game. Unless the new version of the game feels like a totally different game…. So the people that are left are children and trolls. Great!

  10. Suxix says:

    I just wish they would let us make good money with our businesses oooooooor… Double or triple money on the open wheel races!!!!!! Its been months….

  11. Checkeredjaz says:

    I'm most curious whether or not PC players will have to buy the enhanced and expanded edition, or if it'll just be an update.

  12. GAMO1972 says:

    The last two weeks I can barely get a full lobby to race the premium race. It’s like no one wants to race. Or maybe it’s just to late at night. IDK! Anyone else having this problem?

  13. BigMobe says:

    I've been playing since 2013. Most of my land vehicles are just garage decorations. When there are no vehicle restrictions I will typically use an aircraft or weaponized vehicle because it's easier to complete a job with them.

  14. Timothy Keck says:

    Totally off topic, but something I wanted to share about racing classes in gta. During a stunt race yesterday, myself and second place had finished. I watched the other 3 racers, still on their first lap trying to make a jump and coming up short. One was in an Issi Sport, the other 2 in Revolters. Try as they might, even going all the way back along the track to build as much speed as possible, they still fell WAY short of the landing. This went on until the Issi Sport finally gave up, which started the timer. This was just sad to watch. Why does R* do this?

  15. Kwl Gamer says:

    I really would like to see the Formula One cars on discount.

  16. xt6wagon says:

    Jugular is AWESOME!

  17. Neeko B says:

    I might need to take a break from watching Gfreds. Immediately thought “is he gonna make the jump this time?” when you got to the airport during the premium race.

  18. collin gibbs says:

    More regular vehicles with weapon used sprinkled in

  19. Milomay says:

    I have basically every car I really minus a handful. The main thing that I want a sale on is the batmobile which as far as I know, has never been on sale in gta online’s history.

  20. Bum Fluff says:

    Once again rockstar does bull crap..

  21. Scott Balls says:

    Thanks Broughy!

  22. Chris Trollinger says:

    Tbh I was hoping the podium car would have been the Nero custom. Not a fan of the weaponized vehicle discount especially when I want to expand my garage with vehicles that can raced.

  23. Beastabuelos says:

    I have no garage space left, so sales are irrelevant to me.

    I think e&e will come in September or October. It shouldn't take the place of a dlc, because it's not one

  24. Goatcha says:

    99% of my 160 odd vehicles I bought at full price. Discounts are more of a slap to the face than a useful option for me.

  25. M says:

    I prefer a more even balance theme or no theme so everybody gets a fair amount of vehicle to choose from

  26. 1999-Sooner or Later says:

    They really got go karts now huh

  27. Chris says:

    I know this may sound ridiculous to some but I need more garage space. Lol

  28. Jamwes D says:

    What was the Adder paint job?

  29. Julius Caesar says:

    Drift yosemite lets goooo!

  30. Josue Echeverria says:

    Motorwars are boring and all of the weaponized vehicles that are in discount are useless…

  31. Weirdish1 says:

    As it stands, I am a pretty new player to gta online. Having a discount on weaponized vehicles that I can use in missions or heists is nice. It allows me get them done faster so I can make money faster and buy the normal cars I want as well as the facilities to run my own heists.

  32. Morpheus says:

    The way this goes, i´m thinking about abandoning the game entirely.

    Seriously, what´s the use for a game, that eats up 100GB (or more) on my SSD, has lot of content, that cannot be explored or done solo, while other content drives you crazy, because you are repeating it over & over & over again? When game feels like second life, that´s a bad game.

  33. Michael Waller says:

    An even balance would be nice because everyone is using glitches and shit to win motorwars it's kind of stupid really

  34. YOEL _44 says:

    R* just want's to have carnage on freeroam so players spend more and potentially buy more sharks, that's all

  35. AstroVision Song Contest says:

    For the love of God, stop discounting weaponized vehicles!!! Bring back discounts for regular vehicles

  36. NovaWolf Gaming says:

    I think the Enhanced Edition will be released around December time

    The next DLC I think will just be something like "here are the cars that are in the enhanced edition that you haven't experienced yet"

  37. GOG CARROT says:

    M8 i bought the office yesterday with my second account and now its 50% off… well sh*t

  38. Paul Currie says:

    Well, I'll tell you where I stand. My main interest in GTA Online is collecting, customising and racing vehicles – for which your videos have been a fantastic source of information. To buy those vehicles I grinded the various business missions using tips from the YouTuber 'The Professional.' The problem now is that after playing the game for over 6 years I've basically run out of garage space. I do own most of the vehicles I want but there hasn't been any additional garage space added for ages. So I can't buy anything else. I own every business and property available. I only play the heists a few times before they get boring. So all I really do now is try out the race tracks you showcase and muck about in freeroam. I just hope R* really does add to the game with the expanded and enhanced version because if it's just a graphics upgrade I can't see me playing much longer.

  39. ♎♋stʀɨҡɛʀ♋♎ says:

    Well for me the discounts arent like, ultra good. Because the best discounts i've seen where the ones of the arcade and open wheels cars, but this week the gauntlet and the menacer are like.. the only two things that I will get, because in a future I will do Doomsday heist with my friends and that thing will help out a lot

  40. Arnav Bose says:

    Office garage and decors are on sale ??

  41. Ryan the Canadian says:

    I don’t mind the gunrunning vehicles because they’re really unique and I’m into the military, so I’ve had my eyes on a lot of these things for a while. But I feel like people like me are the only ones that like this, because if you don’t have a care for realistic military vehicles, then there’s no reason to buy them because they’re not particularly great in free mode. I don’t really mind the fact that there aren’t many normal vehicle discounts, because the cars I like are pretty cheap, and the prime discounts are pretty good so I’m not complaining

  42. TheDinklebot says:

    Im waiting for the week that he can't complete the time trial in the adder

  43. Tomon says:

    I love the addition of Time trial (and the premium race as well). Especially as I long thought it would be nice to see you completing the Time Trials. Maybe even using slower and slower (or just worse) cars as to up the difficulty 🙂

  44. Jd Jd says:

    I like all vehicles and only buy the ones I don’t have when there on offer just incase I don’t like them and sell them on

  45. WHEELMAN says:

    I believe it’s the new console availability that will determine when the E&E version comes out. R⭐️ had already said that for sure the PS5 players would be able to get that version for free for a limited time: so until the new systems are plentiful, R⭐️ will sit on the E&E version. However, I think R⭐️ planned on a much earlier release and that could mean that there was no big dlc planned for this summer without the new console being out. I’m expecting a smaller update this summer, whatever they’ve been able to build in the last 4-5 months after realizing that they weren’t going to be able to put out the E&E version as planned.

  46. NatureXwars says:

    Yeah, a November-December release window is much more likely & honestly I don't mind if they'd take longer 'cause of the 9th gen consoles shortage. Playstation is also saying that they will have a redesign of the PS5 soon, so I hope that I can get a more refined looking version of the console before moving onto the E&E Edition of GTA Online,

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