9 thoughts on “🏆 Half 1: 30 BIGGEST SLOT WINS OF 2020 💸 Extra Than $62,000 in JACKPOTS”
  1. Scratch Queen407 says:

    O this should b good

  2. Marilyn Flynn says:

    Cheers, TBJ

  3. Marilyn Flynn says:

    Hello TBJ, those were some nice hits! can't wait for Part Two Much Luck playing in Vegas

  4. Jose Rivera says:

    Caca you raja

  5. Lincoln Valdez says:

    What’s up from Colorado!!

  6. Dana Olson says:

    # boom boom

  7. Glen Cameron says:

    Thanks for video…

  8. james shepherd says:

    My birthday is this Tuesday and my girlfriend, bought me your dirty little slot shirt, ill be watching how many live jackpots On Tuesday as well, love you channel and vids, keep them coming

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