12 thoughts on “HANDPAY JACKPOT Dragon Hyperlink Glad & Affluent HIGH LIMIT $100 Bonus Spherical Slot On line casino EPIC COMEBACK”
  1. Les davis jr says:

    Very quiet in the background

  2. Rick Leong says:

    Happy and Prosperous – approx
    12 spins to bonus on $.10 at $25 for $142.50(5.7x) plus
    67 spins to bonus on $2 at $100 for $3900(39x) plus 12 out (finished +503)

    Nice comeback and positive takeaway. Always like seeing you guys come away with a win even with the channel's needs. Thanks for sharing..

  3. Jacob Mabbott says:

    Great comeback . Thanks mini

  4. Art Pili says:

    The mini dropping saved that hold and spin round. Nice comeback, thank you for sharing and M and G!

  5. Tim Berrington says:

    Good job

  6. Peter Piper says:

    Nice comeback, good win all things considered…..Thanks for posting….

  7. Burrito Chris says:

    Nice handy

  8. Burrito Chris says:

    Panda magic and happy and Prosperous

  9. Marianne Maher says:

    Mark I Love All Dragon Link ..❤️❤️

  10. Kok teong Gan says:

    Go ahead. Win BIG!

  11. Kevin Kern says:

    Very nice bonus
    $500 is $500

  12. Vincent Graat says:

    Yeah big Numbers!! Grab the Orbs Mark!!! Yesssssssssssssssss

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