19 thoughts on “HANDPAY JACKPOT Silk Moon $25 Max Guess Bonus Spherical HIGH LIMIT Slot Machine On line casino”
  1. Bigkats Poker says:

    Thats silky…. Ill look for that one in Michigan. Nice hit

  2. Kok teong Gan says:

    Keep it up. Very technical way to play slot

  3. Sonny Black says:

    Cool new machine. Hope to try it out someday. Thanks for the video!

  4. Donna Mccann says:


  5. Bailey B says:

    Its crazy you guys havent seen this one, weve had that one out on Australia for a couple years now. Theres another one and its a Panda, thats my fav. 🙂

  6. Lenora Wadsworth says:

    Even is good!!

  7. raymond johannes says:

    Another great video. Hi Mark and Gretchen. Love the new game. Hopefully it’ll be at one of the casinos I go to in Vegas.

  8. Caitlin Lucier says:

    You two are just such down to earth, amazing people! Great game, would love to play it someday!

  9. matthew thompson says:

    How do you get the Grand on that machine? Thanks.

  10. Vanessa Otero says:

    I enjoyed watching you and Gretchen play a new game . Thanks for sharing your video. I hope one day I get to play it.

  11. Ak0wnage says:

    How many paylines on this machine?

  12. OhMy,itsMai says:

    I’ve played silk moon slot twice last year. No bonus came my way yet lol

    I’m so glad both of you played ! Now I know how it works lol
    Thank you very much !

  13. Art Pili says:

    Have never seen this game, found out something new. Congrats on the jackpot! If you ever get a chance and feel like giving it a try, can you play Ka-Ching Cash? I don't know if you've ever played or if you did, I missed it. Thank you M and G for sharing!

  14. Jacob Mabbott says:

    Great to see both bonus features of this looks like a fun game to play

  15. Audrie Riley says:

    Definitely adding this one to the list of games to look for next time I go. Thanks for the video.

  16. Ade Bristol says:


  17. Mindy Waymire says:

    I love both Silk Moon and Very Cherry but can't find them at very many casinos. Could you answer me something? In your professional experience, does the bet amount matter when it comes to landing bonus? I understand that the amount you win depends on the amount of your bet, but I have always wondered if it mattered if you bet $1.00 or $25, does the timing on the bonus change on what you bet?

  18. Margaret Willingham says:

    I actually got to this video 2 minutes after you started it. Just woke up like "IT'S TIME FOR MARK TO POST A VIDEO!" #MargaretTimeStrikesAgain

  19. Kevin Kern says:

    That was nice. Glad you got both bonuses.

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