27 thoughts on “He wont CHOP and I decide up ACES!! Poker Vlog Ep. 75”
  1. Jeremy Vasquez says:

    Better luck on the life run good brother. Thanks for pushing out the original content!

  2. Alfred Guevarra says:

    Sounds like you had some run bad health wise. Glad you and wife are doing better. Hope the boys are doing well too!

  3. Mike says:

    Hey, Charles, I went on your website to by an Anti Nit hat. It would be a great hat to wear in the Midwest, cuz 95% of players here are. I could not find the hat style with the very large lettering, like the one in the back of your car. I want to buy a hat like that one, but with the hat being white and lettering black, so it pops out at everyone. Where can I buy a hat like that one? Thank you.

  4. sean aria says:

    Hey Charles, glad to see you back and you and your family healthy again. Your AQ hand at the end, i think this is a value bet for sure, you could sometimes value own yourself and i know what you mean about him not being able to call with worse but i think with any Ace stronger than AJ you have to value bet the river for sure and i'm not sure villain would't even call a jam because he'd be getting almost 4 to 1. For villain its hard to put you on an Ace there because if you had the nut flush draw from the flop then you were already ahead on the turn so for that reason i think you get mandatory defends from villain. Great vlog. God bless my friend

  5. Lee Jones says:

    Good to see you back, and sorry to hear about the health issues. I'm so glad that your wife is recovering, and obviously treat your gastritis gently – that is a miserable experience. I'm still avoiding live poker for now, but I'm one Moderna in (different than one Modelo in, but more powerful these days) and hoping to feel good about playing live in the not terribly distant future.

    I really loved your thought about missing thin value on the river (what separates the good from the great). I try to remind myself that if they fold, I don't have to show my hand and there's equity in that. And frequently they find a call where I wouldn't find one in their shoes – you gotta give them a chance to make a mistake you wouldn't make.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next one.

    P.S. I see Andrew Lok is shooting live card footage at LC. You just prefer not to, is he shooting under the radar, or what?

  6. Jeffrey Dickman says:

    Way to hang in there. Glad you’re all feeling better.

  7. Martin Riley says:

    Keep it up man. Love watching them. Your thinking process is easy to listen to.

  8. Curtis King says:

    Been playing poker w/ no masks for months. Don’t let the media scare you. Pandemic is a scam. Live life. Go play.

    River w/ AQo is a slam dunk value bet. You assigned his hand 10s-QQ but still check. We lose to literally one hand 99 which may x/r flop or turn. Bet $175 on river.

  9. Mike says:

    Hey, Charles, I’ve been watching you since your beginning, just changed my screen name. I see Doug is in here too, Hello, Doug. I would like to exchange like a target gift card for your info on your live tell reads, please. I live in Minnesota and don’t play in Cali, so your secrets are safe with me. Can I email you?

  10. Dram Yankee says:

    WTH! Welcome the 'F' back Charles! Missed ya buddy, always love your commentary and (right or wrong) your assessments of your opponents.
    Keep the faith and all the best! Cheers.

  11. snapfade says:

    Need to lay off the Taco Bell…

  12. yavine Brewer says:

    I usually chop. If I have a hand that could win promo I won't but I I'll give the guy his money back if I win the hand

  13. Steve Schreier says:

    Glad UR back CRC. One of the best!

  14. ekw555 says:

    I think it's "disincentivize" .

    good to see you back. glad you're feeling better.

  15. Peter Dawson says:

    Great Video. The fact he is calling with bare AK suggests he thinks you bluff a lot! If you never play a J like this then that's a huge problem.

  16. rayrommy says:

    I play at lucky chances and watch your videos but I play 1/1/2 😀 glad to see you’re back playin tho

  17. Gia White says:

    glad to see you back, thanks!

  18. Jeb Beach says:

    YES! Welcome back to TYTFKACRC. And jeeze glad ur fam is getting through it all.

  19. Arnold says:

    Hope the health issues stays away from now on. Good to see you again. Always a pleasure watching your video’s. Cheers from The Netherlands

  20. Jean-Francois Roy says:

    Glad you finally won a hand with that AQ. i was worried this vlog was all downhill. Hope your family’s health is back on track & wishing you the best !

  21. Roman P says:

    LC tourneys are back??

  22. Andrew Burns says:

    Welcome back, sorry to hear about the negative health stuff, glad everyone is back on the mend, Family 1st.

  23. Doug McCusker says:

    Welcome back, sorry to hear about your health issues. Wishing you and the family the best.

  24. Hai Phan says:

    I like the infographics

  25. herts9 says:

    Missed ya buddy!

  26. Suzie Nam says:


  27. Dave Reid says:

    The return!

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