21 thoughts on “Heads Up Duel Spherical 1: The Poker Brat – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #98”
  1. David Dorge says:

    Daniel….please stop dying your hair and beard ….. sad really

  2. mgreenbaseball says:

    This has to be the cringiest group of Beta Poker players I’ve ever heard.

  3. M JF says:

    Lol Canada doesn’t have vaccines

  4. Red Gypsy says:

    The smugness after loosing is just unreal.

  5. James Clark says:

    Does seem like 4 men bitch about someone that beat there friend. I do understand Daniels ranting but who the fuck is this Terrance guy? He bitches about hellmuth doubt Phil even knows who he is. Phill has achieved more in 6 months than that nobody has achieved in his life

    He was actually but hurt that he is such a nobody Mike postle didn’t even care about him

  6. Garrand's Motorsports says:

    everyones going to be using GTO theories and then everyone is going to become so predictable when you play against them. I get GTO for online poker but in person it doesnt work so good imo

  7. Knish's Route says:

    This elitist / childish behavior has completely destroyed all desire to keep up with this match. So sad, we should be trying to capitalize on the little poker boom we are experiencing. Instead we have uber egos trying to kill our game much like games like Bridge were killed, just to make themselves look good.

  8. Cranked Up says:

    The people in this video with Blue Yeti mics are speaking into the top of front address mics. Look at the instructions. LOL

  9. Maru says:

    This kind of feels like a group therapy session lol

  10. Brian Aust says:

    When I was in Vegas in 2012 I played with Gavin Smith in a $60 Binions daily tournament and he was playing it very seriously.. A week later I dealt to him at the WSOP in a $5k no limit event and he was drinking and talking shit to John Juanda, def not taking it as seriously as that $60 one lol

  11. JiveDadson says:

    Daniel does not look good in black underwear.

  12. KEVPRO says:

    Daniel you got too many yes men on this pod with you, some devil’s advocate

  13. Joel Turner says:

    Lol Danial hit hands first 1/2 Phil hit 2nd 1/2 bottom line

  14. David Garcia says:

    What’s up Daniel being such a hater

  15. Lawyered Up says:

    Terrence, I really appreciate your comments,. However, you need to look at your camera. Speak to the people who want to hear from you.

  16. Rich Souter says:

    Everyone makes mistakes and most are ignored. People look for ways to criticize Phil's play because he vehemently and rudely calls out other people; calls them stupid and has a fit. No doubt Phil is a great player. He just seems to have a HUGE chip on his shoulder. Constantly defending his place in poker history or comparing himself to others. Showing up to a tourney dressed as Thor. I don't know Phil and from everything I have heard he is a nice guy and good friend. His actions just make it hard for poker fans to "like" him and hard to respect him.

  17. Mike PenceTD says:

    Wow for a loser and 3 newbs you have a lot to say.

  18. Joseph Krukowski says:

    The Poker Brat will beat you again and again! Then what?

  19. Simen Fulland says:

    So here we have 4 grown man talking shit about another man not present, and one of them just lost to said man not present…. Real classy guys……..

  20. I Zang says:

    I think it's a very real possibility that Daniel may lose 3 in a row. What will he say then? Phil is very competitive and White Magic is win by any means necessary. That is more powerful ability than a solver output.

  21. Brad Pluff says:

    Polk crushed him, he was lucky. Phil beats him, he was lucky. Must be nice. In Daniels mind, he never loses. He is just just unlucky.

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