37 thoughts on “Heads Up Feud: DNegs Presents $1M He Runs Worse – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #92”
  1. Matt Barnes says:

    Dnegs is just playing an inferior strategy, he can't beat Doug playing how he is. Straight out classed

  2. Chris Koshinski says:

    Every trump voter is stupid…. easy and simple as that

  3. Jamie Mcgarry says:

    Might be an unpopular opinion but this podcast is 10x better when Daniel is unavailable.

  4. Fixmi Net says:

    Daniel, if you don't realize that this online shit is rigged, then you're even more stupid than you look. Insist on live games with a real dealer and see how you do.

  5. ExopMan says:

    I give a like just because I think a lot of Doug Polk fans came to dislike – balance it out

  6. ExopMan says:

    What is the minimum margin for considering unlucky? 49.999% vs. 50.001% counts?
    I don't think a luck advantage exists in 17,000 hands…

  7. Timothy Burton says:

    Daniel! Fold pre-flop every hand that you do not have a premium holding. You'll still lose, but you'll lose more slowly. BWAHAHAHA.

  8. BullToTheShit says:

    17:30 is the $1M offer.

  9. Endorphin machine says:

    Adelson was a zionist pos.

  10. Ben Dover says:

    Where can i watch high stakes poker?

  11. Blank says:

    A salty sad little man

  12. Ole Hansen says:

    What about offer a 1 million bet that you missed at least 500.000 in checking the river instead of betting?

  13. ESLworld says:

    16:29 Very interesting when Daniel is talking about what hustlers say. It reminded me of Phill Helmuth (when he lost a pot) saying to Daniel in a televised game, and I am paraphrasing "We will see if our hands where reversed what would happen" On which Daniel responds "I hear you brother" Who was the fish in that conversation 🙂

  14. Jean mauratille says:

    Big Ups Terrence for calling Daniel out for his nonsense.

  15. delecio says:

    Sad to see this once fantastic, and independent podcast be reduced to a mouth piece for this bitter and unbearable manchilds baseless and chaotic rants.

  16. Richard Watts says:

    He's better on gut draws

  17. Unknown Prodigy says:

    The ultimate end of this challenge for Dnegs. Divorce.

  18. Matthew McClain says:

    Love you Dnegs. Ignore the haters. You're the one in the hall of fame and living in a nice house. Remember that

  19. ontheroad789 nice says:

    Mr. Negraunu, i will not watch this match again. Its not luck your just a bad player comparing you to doug is comparing an amateur to a pro. The offer for a million no worries Doug will take it. How about you suck and doug is still top ten. Why not quit poker, you sound like Phil Helmuth.

  20. Abra Cadabra says:

    funny people still believe in politics

  21. peppi1974 says:

    Daniel No Class Cry baby like Trump who cares about your one million bet you got steam rolled 1 million loss 17k hands

  22. DM 00 says:

    With all this whining you're throwing away the man-up points earned from accepting the challenge in the first place. And those were considerable, people that hadn't liked you for a long time suddenly grew some respect for you. So shut the hell up and play.

  23. Alejanthropy Ponce de León says:

    OMG! Daniel is such a fish!! All is rigged, hes having more luck, come on Daniel

  24. I look 50 wen I take my hat off bigballhead says:

    He just said the thing that u gotta realize dnegz can afford to lose 1million he still be living the same still be eating the same food drive the same cars aint nothing goner change for dainel

  25. Levi Allen says:

    So, Daniel wants to bet a million dollars that telling bad beat stories is a good thing if you've run bad enough?

  26. Doozie says:

    I'm just here to leave a positive comment and so that I don't get fined.

  27. Alexandre Vaz-Filion says:

    Although you have you improved alot, you still have been weak on rivers not protecting your hand or betting so little on a flop and complaining when Doug turns it. He is the better player because he knows how to size his bets and protect any hands he gets.

  28. Mark K says:

    "I used to go to Sacramento . . . and schmooze politicians . . . all Republicans . . . " Were you 10 years old or just ignorant?

  29. Justin James says:

    You'd have to pay a $1,000,000 for that analysis. Thousands of hands every breakdown of 3bet pots, etc.

  30. roumi123 says:


  31. true teller says:

    "Winners Don't Make Excuses" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSceuiPBpxY – Kobe Bryant

  32. Confuzion Palace says:

    Daniel you're getting outplayed. Except the facts.

  33. FJF says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  34. spanos314 says:

    Selbts is really getting lucky in this heads up battle

  35. mcpartridgeboy says:

    i just made up a game, how about reverse poker were the worse your hand is the better.

  36. mcpartridgeboy says:

    doug is gonna go nuts when he sees this

  37. Tim F says:

    Terrence is the only non yes man on here. The other 2 kiss Dnegs ass constantly

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