25 thoughts on “Heads up poker: SICK palms and BRUTAL coolers!”
  1. akmd114379 says:

    That last hand, i felt that.

  2. Spooky Bizzle says:

    14:56 when u tell her "you're cute"

  3. I'm dead says:

    Imagine the guy on the weelchair playing against Tony G and lose?
    "On your bike , baby"!

  4. Ryan Lakin says:

    All lives mattet

  5. Sam Rivers says:

    3:27 what a douchebag lol. Fist pumping when you play the hand like shit and still cooler someone.

  6. Roland Harris says:

    I went allin with pocket kings at the begging of a tournament. Guy calls with king jack! Runner, Runner Jack!! To make matters worse, my friend was still playing and he was my ride.

  7. 2007kb says:

    Vince throwing the confetti.. LOL

  8. commenter says:

    These aren't dollars. They're tournament chips. Just say "he bet three million", not "he bet three million dollars" because he didn't bet any dollars.

  9. Micky B says:

    It's be good to know what happened after the hands were played in the tournaments that is.



  11. TheOfficialJag says:

    Coolers mmm

  12. Mr says:

    12:35 Well.. celibreta now.. CELIBRATE NOW!!

  13. Hayden Fetter says:

    Robl gets the worst bad beats. The quads over quads hand still gives me nightmares

  14. Sam Rivers says:

    I absolutely love Mike Sexton. RIP.

  15. Rick Kloek says:

    Asian lives MATTER

  16. farleygranger says:

    oh mike i miss you!….

  17. The world is mine in 2o21 says:

    11:20 this guy jason is such a douchebag I bet even his own family was rooting against him.

  18. chris christian says:

    They aren't betting hard enough. You can't let someone sit around to the end and out draw you. You gotta make it HURT to see that next card.

  19. KODRAD CHANEL says:

    Good jobs

  20. SemperAugustusBubble says:

    Haha Jason vs. Soren was pure comedy. That guy is a dick.

  21. Wise Warrior says:

    OMG How brutal are the poker gods haha!
    Today I made Queens full of Jacks and my opponent made Jacks full of Queens haha! What a cooler for him.
    But anyways I really got many coolers also, it's really hard to handle.
    Coolers like this in final tables of big tournments can make you really sick.

  22. Rick709 carv says:

    I thought Vince was gonna flip the table over….

  23. Stephen Vierling says:


  24. Internet Troll says:


  25. Hendrie Kelder says:

    Second lol

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