35 thoughts on “Hellmuth Calls the Flooring on Opponent! Quantum Mega Hundreds of thousands Match Ultimate Desk”
  1. Live at the Bike! Poker Stream says:

    Watch the last cash game Phil played on Live at the Bike, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8KsbHApx6U Thanks for watching!

  2. Lucas Rosner says:

    Helmuth is such an entitled weeny.

  3. tkcdac says:

    "Of course I have it! I am Phil Helmuth."
    I love this guy..

  4. Islander HP says:

    Play out of turn can be used as trick! The dealer did not do a good job!

  5. Melodic Egghead says:

    For those who don't understand, it was Phil's turn to bet on the turn card, and the other guy bet even though it was Phil's turn. The problem with that is, now Phil knows that the guy was going to bet, but he wouldn't have known originally since it was Phil's turn to make his decision, and Phil could have chosen to bet more than what he saw the other guy betting… Phil now knows that he is going to bet, so Phil decides to check, knowing that if Phil raises, the other guy might have something and he will reraise Phil, putting Phil in an uncomfortable situation. So it technically is unfair for Phil because he maybe would have bet more and would have tried to see if the other guy would call or not… and the fact that the guy claims he doesn't understand is one thing… but understanding the rules is important, and I have a gutshot straight flush draw that on the river, this guy ended up knowing that it was Phil's turn to bet first… Speaking English or not, he would have known who went first based off of who was right of the dealer or big blind or whatever…

  6. Perwez Said says:

    What was the buy in?

  7. Robert B. says:

    Professional Televised Poker Games should have DRESS CODES !

  8. Alan Shields says:

    This dealer is not very good. Can't spread the flop properly to save his life.

  9. Michael Magill says:

    Regardless of whether or not he speaks good English, he obviously knows what he's doing betting out of turn. Or he should

  10. gee wizz says:

    Why is the dollar symbol next to the amount of chips if this is a tournament? I only just started watching this.

  11. Paul Moulaison says:

    Phil wants proper play & decorum but starts with the F bombs when he loses ?!?

  12. Steve-o 1313 says:

    Why didn’t Phil call this out during the hand???

  13. mikeydeef says:

    I’ve been playing a long time and I remember betting out of turn once or twice .it happens suck it up

  14. mikeydeef says:

    He may be a great player but he’s a miserable jerk

  15. Blue1479758 says:

    I love Phil smiling on that first hand. He knew he was bluffing. These top players are just on another level when it comes to table reads. Phil may not play mathematically sound, but he's a live player.

  16. Aztec Warrior says:

    These is really millions?

  17. Pat Mcvoy says:

    Where's the floor called? I don't want to watch whole video

  18. Jihn Chu says:

    The guy in the ATL hat understands English.

  19. Pm N says:

    What an amateur…took all that time and act like a genius and end up folding a winning hand. U suck!

  20. Tester Oksana says:


  21. Dan Prump says:

    How $ was buy in ?

  22. Chris Lovett says:

    Does Phil really think AQ getting 3 Bet by QQ in the SB is a cooler? I love him but c'mon man!!!

  23. Murph says:

    You guys are right, that is a pretty good tournament…

  24. Jae Koh says:

    That old man is talking too much, giving out infos to phil and teally getting on my nerve

  25. thatisokay says:

    Phil needs to understand that betting out of turn in a heads up pot, is not "bad for poker".

  26. Lean Coprado says:

    When they got their money they don’t care if they lose anymore. 5way split for the price kills the competition

  27. M R says:

    I dont get why they chop it up at the end? are they chopping up the total prize pool for the 3 remaining players evenly?

  28. Max Terry says:

    God damn Phil you are not the end all be all captain of the game. You suck in reality. Only to a what he perceives as an amateur would Phil do that he wouldn’t dare to it to a pro

  29. HipHop & Friends Engerman says:

    At 44.45 such a cooler Alex luck ran out

  30. HipHop & Friends Engerman says:

    Alex was very lucky and you have to be to win.

  31. Furbs says:

    Just better poker to watch.

  32. Ara Putz says:

    LOL now dude doesnt understand English. Give me a break.

  33. Алексей Русланович says:

    Phil is acting terribly disgusting

  34. starttakinnotez says:

    He 100% understands he just wants to get away with angling people. Boring.

  35. James Viice says:

    47:44 ha ha ha ha.. lol

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