20 thoughts on “Hellmuth RAGING in opposition to Younger Poker Professional ♠️ Better of The Massive Recreation ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Will says:

    if hellmuth waited like that on me i’d call the clock

  2. mike towne says:

    I love to see Phil lose

  3. Malcolm Washer says:

    Calls 30 k with a king on the board holding QQ lol

  4. Malcolm Washer says:

    Love phil but he calls some junk lol

  5. mpup54 says:

    Phil you got owned on your whole etiquette angle there. This guy explained it all perfectly to you and you tried to use some sort of Trump logic to re-explain it and that didnt work either.
    I think its all a bully tactic and he wants respect of the kid but he has no idea how to earn it properly.

  6. Hendrie Kelder says:

    Such a poor loser, great to watch lol

  7. vintageshow24 says:


  8. Chris L says:

    I'd like to see a Stern vs Hellmuth fight.

  9. Ryan Turner says:

    At least Phil has enough respect for the kid to actually know his name. Unlike some other people at the table.

  10. jersey guy says:

    Daniel was trying to smash

  11. TheActualCanadian says:

    I love how Hellmuth is one of the better poker players out there but he always loses on YT XD

  12. Stringer Bell says:


  13. leonardo sy says:

    Daniel's reading skills is sharp as always.

  14. leonardo sy says:

    You know Phil has a strong hand when he calls quickly.

  15. Anas S says:

    Hey brother, I like it

  16. Caio Novo says:

    PokerStars should sponser Phil Hellmuth

  17. Sludge says:

    Dani is the adult in the room.

  18. mat ti says:

    Damn in the end i am sitting there like "call phil call phil call phil! Do it!"

  19. Tyler Cobb says:

    Dude didn’t bluff one hand lol

  20. seiji bankhead says:

    Stapleton is the greatest poker commentator ever! “Nice win buddy, where’s my blow up?” hahah !

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