31 thoughts on “Hellmuth vs Dwan – Poker's largest EGO battle EVER!”
  1. Jakabok Botch says:

    I like that Dwan didn't stand up to shake his hand. You earn someone's respect by being respectful.

  2. Zachary Davis says:

    that is how it happens online. it’s fucking annoying

  3. Aaron's Production's says:

    Phil is the most humble poker player ive watched, some class and the most i think the only player for me have manners and etiquette in the table salute to mr.hellmuth

  4. Paul Williamson says:

    Some rare compliments and respect from Phil… Before and after the match! Nice to see.

  5. alldro420 says:

    One thing guaranteed to be around for 5 years is Phil's ego

  6. Minh Nguyen says:

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  7. Thomas Dowe says:

    I hope, that in his next life, Phil's humility will beat his ego to the punch, but in this one, it seemingly took a year for that to happen 🙂

  8. Combo Breaker says:

    Shoving 150bb pre flop is standard? I mean I hate how Phil reacts almost everytime but he is 100% right here.

  9. mike bambur says:

    If you lucky you will win every hand.This video is proof.

  10. michael blue says:

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  11. alex silva says:

    Loool Daniel N in the back laughing

  12. mr no_name says:

    At 5:20 Dwan pulled out 5 chips worth $100,000 each and said let’s play heads up right now ..lmao what a g

  13. Kaiser Lago says:

    Real question: wtf are these guys wearing? Both millionaire poker Gods and look like bums going to the job centre.

  14. Finnegan says:

    Phil plays very good when he's not tilted. When he's tilted he becomes as fishy as it gets

  15. Doc James Burton says:

    Phil is such a sore looser

  16. Fuqda Mayweddas says:

    dwan in 15 years still playing the highest stakes lol

  17. Tonisha Garland says:

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  18. nickstl77 says:

    Tom Dwan is the most awkward person on the planet.

  19. Aaron Slingerland says:

    Tbh id be pissed if I got sucked out by 10s it honestly was pretty bad and a gamble play lol. It was just pure luck the guy had 2 outs on the turn and hit it. I'd be pissed don't blame Phil.

  20. Uhhh says:

    That's crazy. Here's the problem.

    He played the bullets by the numbers. But you're up against a even younger player, an internet sensation with millions of dollars and very little to lose, and it's one of the first hands.

    He also gave you enough information, by going all in, to indicate he had something substantial. Your pocket pair means nothing at that point because any number of hands can easily beat it.

    I'd like to think the difference in that hand between Phil and say, Doyle, is that Doyle would have resisted the urge to call.

  21. adri t says:

    11:23 negreanus's laugh

  22. Jim Alford says:

    Tom is so much better then Phil the cry baby!

  23. TrentHuggins says:

    I rly liked how Phil treated him at the end.

  24. Steffaneq says:

    In the second match, Phil played best poker I've ever seen. Wow.

  25. ROB-IN-PHILLY says:

    3:56 I'm writing "Aces don't win races" …I wonder if I'm right. …4:37 I stand by my statement… I almost hate aces under…I know statistically they'll win more often but; much like Phil's luck; I seem to get screwed a lot… I do better with Jacks or luckier…:)… tell you what; that second round was one of the best rounds of poker I've seen Phil play, I've seen hours of his stuff too…He played VERY smart…

  26. Jameslawz says:

    Phil so humble and gracious when he wins…when he loses however…my God…hahah! So bitter and revengeful.

    One thing about Phil in the 3rd game with Durr (in fact in all his games) he went quiet…I've noticed when Phil goes quiet instead of trying to entertain and constantly talk he actually makes some classic poker plays.

    Sometimes I feel he's trying to be like Negreanu where he talks about his opponents play/hand out loud but I think taking to himself is Phil's weakness whereas it's Daniel's strength.

  27. z a84 says:

    y does tom dwan always look like hes on drugs

  28. SKANKtv says:

    Phil is such a graceful winner.

  29. Dave H says:

    My two favorite players

  30. jereme edwards says:

    Helmuth is a shitty person

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