38 thoughts on “Hellmuth will get felted THREE TIMES and LEAVES! HUGE tantrum!”
  1. John S says:

    Why is this guy getting camera time? The most over rated mediocre poker player ever. The only reason he gets invited to these things is for exactly that to get a blow up on camera. He's an embarrassment to the poker world. Should have "Nice hand Mr. Ivey" then leave gracefully. Way to go Phil "Poker Ass" Hellmuth.

  2. james gray says:

    That dude should be banned from games

  3. Brian Ransom says:

    Start folding A-J off no matter what position on table… And watch the cards. A-J best looking loser hand…

  4. mike thompson says:

    what year was this from? Mike M is to skinny to be current content

  5. Ryan Roberts says:

    It would be nice if the commentators did less, or provide a version exclusively featuring table audio. Would rather hear the players and draw my own conclusions.

  6. Michael Blasko says:

    "Give me $100k". Absolute classic line

  7. Jamie Cook says:

    First hand is completely his own fault.
    I don’t mind the guy, but he is the worst loser ever.
    Very gracious winner though, think that’s why other players like him.

  8. ROCKY GIUNTA says:

    It's a matter of basic math and physics…what goes up must come down…simple bell curve Phil…

  9. crazy like a fox says:

    Hellmuth is such a baby.

  10. Vincent Nowak says:

    Fortune and fame, lol. Spend a quarter on a rat to chew off that mole,.

  11. David Joseph says:

    They say poker mimics life. Ivey just has better karma. I know how that goes.

  12. Jason Bachman says:

    What a poor sport

  13. karlmoles65 says:

    I would have folded the fuck out of that Ace Jack.

  14. LEGO Mike says:

    Love him or Hate him he is still HUMBLE.

  15. Trevor Miles says:

    it is part of the show.. kinda of he will draw people like car crashed.. i wish him no harm. we have to take care of our families.

  16. Peli Mies says:

    ”These new-comers have a lot to learn. It’s the Patience that wins..”
    – Phil Hellmouth


  17. Mike Oneill says:

    I’ll bet my life on Ivey over PH any day of the week……

  18. Mike Oneill says:

    PH should go park cars….

  19. Mark Gregg says:

    "I had nothing" Calls anyways. Ego made him lose

  20. timothy prescott says:

    Hellmuth makes for good tv but as a poker player he sucks.

  21. Todd Daugherty says:

    Few things in life are more satisfying than watching Phil go down.

  22. unki3259 says:

    i've listened to phil when he's not playing cards, and he seems like a very decent person, but on the table, yikes…

  23. KM MINING says:

    Always someone elses fault when Phil loses…. what a cock.

  24. bowriverblog says:

    Why can't Phil just lose with grace?? Unreal

  25. Travis Maruster says:

    Cry baby ass Hellmuth. Boo hoo.

  26. mike zilberbrand says:

    Strange comment at the end made by Phil- "I had 13 outs against Mike." He had 6 – 3 queens and 3 aces.

  27. Thomas Heller says:

    You have to admit though, Phil does get beat on some really unlucky hands. Even though he’s not my fav

  28. Shane M says:

    Lol this guy is so fucking bad at poker

  29. thecactuus says:

    Hellmuth seems like a good guy off the table

  30. Spiderman says:

    What would Juanda have had if a 10 hit the river?

  31. pokerphil1st says:

    I honestly think Phil is a bad player. I could beat him easy.

  32. nysguy07 says:

    Such a prick. Your real character shows when you are losing.

  33. Switcha Roo says:

    why are you posting this old ass game

  34. Switcha Roo says:

    they need to make poker virtual, set it up with real dealers and have realistic virtual reality games , actual cards dealt just like at a casino. F*** pokerstars with their little rigged algorithms

  35. Dennis SCULAF says:

    Can someone post of video of Phil Helmuth winning some hands….. everybody seems to hate Phil Hellmuth…..

  36. John Helion says:

    At his age if you’re still being called a brat, that really translates
    to a..hole

  37. raffaele paolucci says:

    Phil is the kind of guy who’ll never be happy!! Because he knows even tho he is rich, when it comes to class and personality, he’s a pauper !!!

  38. raffaele paolucci says:

    What. Sore loser. Also a braggart. And an intimidator! This guy is poison for the game!!!

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