38 thoughts on “Hellmuth's ego DESTROYS HIM vs poker legend”
  1. 1tripz1 Poker Videos says:

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  2. uk Ghost says:

    King baby cry

  3. Jim Wilson says:

    Phil thinks everyone is supposed to just hand him their chips. Poker is s a game of luck you either catch cards or go broke

  4. Trapper9 says:

    "and you had the best hand. Not a lot of people get the best hand against me" what??

  5. Jordan Sutton says:

    I'm the best head up player in the world lmfao idk about that such class I know.

  6. Jordan Sutton says:

    Your a great player…..I understand whatever you wanna hear I got you

  7. Ace Gibson says:

    Fucking Phil should be a stand up comedian. The bullshit he says at the end is comedy gold.

  8. James says:

    Hellmuth will always have zero class. Clearly it runs in his genes.

  9. boilinwater69 says:

    Both ends of the spectrum Mr Chip "all class" Reese v Phil "no class" Hellmuth.R I P Mr Chip Reese.

  10. Mitch Farkas says:

    Phil is the Seagal of Poker.

  11. Alison Esler says:

    Bastards Bastards

  12. Dale Fortner says:

    Just lost heads up and says, “I’m the best no limit heads up player in the world” the level of delusion on this kid is amazing!!! What did his mom do to him?

  13. raffaele paolucci says:

    What an as.hole Crying Phil is. The fool thinks sitting on his corpulent butt all day is accomplishing something. When it comes to money, he’s rich! When it comes to sportsmanship, or personality, he’s a pauper!!!

  14. Armando Morale s says:

    So much for Phil HelMOUTH!!!! So glad to see him being humiliated after all of that talking and playing the ATTITUDY game against a real poker player!!!!!!!!! Problem is, Phil HelMOUTH THINKS he’s a better player than he is!!!!!

  15. RUSSELL TAYLOR says:

    He said if course I'm the best heads up no limit player in the world. LOL not that time

  16. Frank Arroyo says:

    Hes a bitch

  17. Shane M says:

    Phil sucks so fucking bad I’ve never seen him win

  18. Ding Dong says:

    The best poker player is UNGAR

  19. Frikn Wulfy says:

    self crediting windbag. You suck Phil …I can beat you.

  20. Jeff Jones says:

    Phil Hellmuth is such a capital douchebag. Narcissistic, Ego-Maniac fucktard who is bad for poker in general. Go fuck yourself Phil.

  21. Jesus 2030 says:

    JESUS is Lord

  22. Heineken Please says:

    Reese was the gentlemen of poker!
    RIP to the legend

  23. Tony Merrett says:

    Phil Hellmuth is a child

  24. 48tilt says:

    Hellmuth " That is how i make my living. Making great laydowns" Chip " You are a great player" LOL

  25. jjcs1381 says:

    Phil is a loser moron

  26. Charles Hemphill says:

    I never liked Phil I bet he's a real prick all the time

  27. Random Task says:

    I've only ever seen Phil play poker on youtube. According to what I've seen Phil has NEVER won a hand!

  28. Dev Rob says:

    When you have to tell someone how great you are…it means you're probably not as great as you think you are.

  29. Terry Hobbs says:

    Please dont ever stop thinking you're the best, Phil. It is what makes you such an easy mark at the table.

  30. Hartcore11 says:

    Hellmuth is also best at patting himself on the back.

  31. Beau Bruderlin says:

    Phil is a manchild.

  32. Robert Fox says:

    You’re so full of chitt Phil. I’d love to play your brat azzz.

  33. Papigringo says:

    Just love it when someone gets coolered and sits there holding their cards– not mucking, not showing, just talking nonsense and not letting the dealer get on with it.

  34. Bobby Winter says:

    I love watching Hellmuth get his ass kicked as much as another no humility fool, Adrien Broner.

  35. Jboat571 X says:

    Hellmuth should run for president, he could be trumps twin.

  36. Reed Allyn says:

    I am not sure whether Hellmuth created the persona which he displays at these televised events and he is a different person off the poker stage, but a man like that in normal circumstances would undoubtedly get his ass beat whenever he pulled that crap with with those who do not appreciate his attitude or style of play toward others. I'm very surprised that he still operates in some circumstance with the poker stage persona.

  37. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    Phil Hellmuth showed a complete lack of class here, even more so than usual. This is Chip Fucking Reese he's playing. Chip was the best card player in the world, ever, and Phil talks to him like he's a fucking nobody.

  38. JohnnyAppleseed says:

    I like how, in the first hand, Chip didn't wait for it to be official. He just reached out a started stacking the chips before the dealer even pushed him the pot. And then the dealer followed suit! I know it was pretty official anyway, but still…Chip was such a gangster.

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