39 thoughts on “Hermitcraft VII 994 Stat Poker With Associates!”
  1. xisumavoid says:

    Just a reminder we made are own rules and had fun so no worries if we didnt play it exactly as it was itended 🙂

  2. DarkCloud9 says:

    for some reason i just read ebdermite at vegemite

  3. Softren Production says:

    this was strangely satisfying

  4. Summit D says:

    23:26 what about your seagrass farm where you go back and forth shearing seagrass

  5. Salty_ Chicken305 says:

    the póker was really entraining actually

  6. Heamar S says:

    The one head farm x hasn’t made. A horse head farm

  7. Avery Auger says:

    Alternative title: Scar Spontaneously Levitating Every Time a Shulker is Opened

  8. IS GONE GASTER says:

    Almost 1000

  9. Pog says:

    Floating Scar!

  10. TheDimensionist says:

    Feels like an old episode of mind crack.

  11. Mr Dizzy says:

    Notice the lantern with the button on, if it's off after pressing it, it's the lowest that wins, if on, the highest wins. Cool game, love your vids! keep it up!

  12. Caleb Campbell says:

    If you’re looking for a more realistic poker feel you should make it where you have to ante up before you see the category like real poker. Or you could choose if you’re going to ante before pressing the button so you don’t have to. But the point of the ante is to keep money in the pot so if there is a category you have a high number in and everyone folds, or most people fold, you still win something.

  13. Verdigo 1 says:

    Normally in poker you ante up and then you get your cards

  14. Wanja Bokowski says:

    They just ignored the fact that the Redstone lamp shows if the highest or the lowest stat wins…

  15. mlouixe says:

    Alternative title: scar thinking he’s lost

  16. Avtem says:

    i really appreciate that you put your stats in the corner so we don't have to search them on the screen.

  17. notxAurorax says:

    You and the other hermits inspired me to start building and doing red stone, now I’m amazing at it!

  18. •ThatOneWaterCat• says:

    This is the only poker game I’ve ever understood and it was very enjoyable to watch!

  19. Cohen` Trumbull says:

    look into wattles for season 8

  20. Firedragon919 says:

    so much unfun, cause no one read the rules before. idc if you say we played our own rules. it just seems, like you didnt read at all before.

  21. HappyGamer 4ever says:

    X checking his statistics is a struggle in itself

  22. Christopher Harrison says:

    @xisumavoid I recently heard Disguised Toast was looking to start a long term minecraft series. I think he would be a great fit for Hermitcraft. Just saying.

  23. James Brown says:

    I love that you put the stats in the upper left corner. I watched tango play and it was so hard to remember what his stats were when they were betting. This made it so much more enjoyable!

  24. jpaugh64 says:

    Fun stat poker game! Lots of interesting strategy. Rules toward the end were a lot funner, because each Hermit had to buy into the round before they saw the stat, so they're all invested at that point.

  25. Corrupteddroid says:

    Xisuma I Request To Make A Advancement Farm Tutorial 🙂

  26. Macrodee says:

    Grian was shot by skeleton 😀

  27. lance vanvelzen says:

    *Grian joined the game
    *grian was shot by skeleton

  28. Ethan Hoover says:

    Antes have to be paid by every player, it hurts to see you say ante and then fold before paying in.

  29. San Autin says:

    Have none of them ever actually played poker?

  30. crystal says:

    was the high low feature removed?

  31. Popsta Hero12 says:

    I wish I could join hermit craft it would be so fun

  32. Daniel Duncan says:

    You are supposed to ante up before the cards are dealt, in this case, before the paper with the topic is revealed. That is how poker works. The ante is your buy-in just to be a part of it. And the person who leads, ALWAYS antes up, regardless of whether they want to or not.

  33. Phos4us says:

    X’s bat killing joy proven to be beneficial

  34. OverTheStone says:

    Using containers like a bored game. . . Why did I not think of this sooner???

  35. daviscalledfred says:

    grian joined the game

    moments later: Grian was shot by a skeleton

  36. Josh J says:

    Commenting for the algorithm

  37. Alexakos Sfakianakis says:

    Just to let you know guys if the starting bet is 4 or 8 your next bet's on the same round cant be lower of the starting bet, at least that's how real poker works.

  38. Cayden Hertzler says:

    Add smallishbeans to hermitcraft

  39. kalei says:

    xisuma just taking everyone's diamonds lmao

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