35 thoughts on “Hiding Our EVIL LAIR With A On line casino ! Evil Genius 2 | Z1 Gaming”
  1. Sharon Pinel says:

    Continue pls

  2. Monty Forrest says:

    You need more minions to work the casino because only two people are working it

  3. Leo and Llamas says:

    z you kind of sound like the youtuber impulse sv.

  4. Kaneosaurus Rex says:

    lol…. In all the play threw i have seen of this game no one has tried to establish crime network into Canada. It's like you guys are saving us for last, or you just cant imagen crime in Canada.

  5. Chadtopia says:

    Good stuff 🙂

  6. Hamish says:

    As someone who played the original for years and years…. its sad that you obviously haven’t played the original and the other people they’ve given keys to seem to be about the same. Oh well

  7. Prestige5er says:

    I love how giddy and excited you get! Reminds me of my feels playing the first game.

  8. Chaosindustries says:

    Totally going to attempt a playthrough of making tons of gold off the casino

  9. Bueno, ¿y que esperabas? says:

    Does the casino generates money or it's again a money pit like in evil genius 1?

  10. Authent12 says:

    Fellows, for your promo you should have interviewed actors who played famous villains, like Christoph Waltz, Mads Mikkelsen, Javier Bardem, maybe even Mike Myers himself. They can give some tips of being a supervillain

  11. USS_Boom says:

    Hint, your armory is where your Muscle goes, it might be best to keep them near casino hall, also, investigators can escape so put cells room off from Armory so they have to pass the guards. you need a large area for Power & Communications . (PS punch trap is a waste of money) … have mine pre-Ordered, sucks to have to wait till 30th though. 8(

  12. Andrew Dobbin says:

    does the casino actually make you money or is it just window dressing?

  13. Kevin C says:

    So interesting to see them re-using basically everything from the original 2004 game. But it still works in 2021 because frankly, they got it right 17 years ago.
    I just hope they fixed the bug where everyone would just kinda stop working, and literally stopped and stood where they were. You had to go execute someone nearby every pack of broken minions to get them to go back to work.
    Valets were supposed to escort them somewhere to fix their broken needs, but the valets were among the broken minions, so it didn't work.

  14. DoodTheDud says:

    Z1: "Can I get it in here?" tries for literally less than 2 seconds "No."
    You…you just need to put it against a wall. That's why they give you that obvious wall marker on one side… The beds were this way too…

  15. Buster Ferguson says:

    More evil genius 2 please its so cool

  16. Mat toons maker says:

    Wheres ep3!?!?!?!? I NEED IT!!!!!!

  17. AIRWAVE says:

    I don’t understand why companies give literal retards early codes to cover games they know absolutely nothing about. Very annoying to watch this guy play. Doesn’t read, doesn’t listen to mini cutscenes when introducing characters and minions. Absolutely clueless on how to show off a game. Horrible choice to give this guy an early access key. It’s like he never played a management game in his life.

  18. Barrington says:

    The minion with low morale needed sleep.

    Those broken casino machines can't be fixed. You can sell them

  19. Tantalus010 says:

    Capturing/killing agents is usually a bad idea (or at least it was in the original). If people kept going missing on your island, it raised your island's heat level, which caused more agents to come more frequently. That's why you actually do want a small army of Valets (more than guards): you need enough to run all you casino stuff plus extras on standby to distract agents that you've tagged.

  20. Bubbses Reload says:


  21. John Moore says:

    Sell the broken slot machines and fountain

  22. Mr Banana says:

    Make more evil genius 2

  23. Luka Christensen says:

    You know you have to have a vallet for each table in the casino

  24. Bill S says:

    man I have been waiting for this game for over a decade! I remember playing the first one and loving it!

  25. zalle69 says:

    It seem that EG2 has the same problem EG1 had. The generators do not provide enough power. In one base design for EG2 I counted +20 generators. I hope research will increase power.

  26. Valmiro says:

    You can also use lab equipment to interrogate

  27. Valmiro says:

    You can research for a better power source.

  28. Izuku Midoriya fan boy says:


  29. Tien Kartini says:


  30. Biografi says:

    Plese more more

  31. Adam McLeod says:

    Hiding an evil operation in a slightly more evil operation, brilliant!

  32. Justin Armijo says:

    This game looks so fun.. keep up the vids

  33. Pyraldra says:

    Jr. Evil Mastermind here to watch and judge.

  34. Ample Power says:

    Where is the freezer room :'(

  35. Jason McFarland says:

    "Holding Cell" sounds like a really, really, really disturbing dance club.

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