47 thoughts on “High 10 Playing Motion pictures”
  1. Catalin Luca says:

    Mississippi Grind

  2. Marry Reddd says:

    I I'm so overwhelmed that this paid me I neve believed it not until my first withdrawal with AUSTIN. I invested 6Eth and got 9Eth

  3. Jake Baca says:

    Vegas vacation is in the top 3 easy

  4. donutking 4U says:

    Kaiji is the best gambling anime just watch the first episode 20 mins thank me later ✌

  5. vergel M. says:

    God of Gamblers

  6. kyuiop fghjkkk says:

    Thought for sure casino would be number one. Also two for the money was dogshit

  7. william j. Casey says:

    I thought big hand for the little lady should have gotten a mention.

  8. RowseyBrothers,LLC says:

    Casino coin (CSC) will be the a global regulated gambling digital coin. CASINO COIN! IT was confirmed to run on the XRP ledger!

  9. Steve Arrington says:

    Diggstown could be on here also

  10. Bowen Fulwood-Griffiths says:

    Gambling needs its own genre

  11. Jason Bean says:

    Rain Man.:)

  12. Doug Hanson says:

    Croupier is the best.

  13. Supreme GMB says:

    Thanks for telling me the ending to color of money.

  14. Nicholas Lucas says:

    zit_hacker01 on Instargram has the best gambling techniques and cheats you all need to win try him he is legit

  15. Milot Ilazi says:

    Casino royale?????

  16. Charlie Stella says:

    James Caan, the Gambler is Number 1 … you people are fools. 🙂

  17. Lone Wolf says:

    What about Kenny Rogers gambler series

  18. أسد الصحراء says:

    السعودي يضغط لايك

  19. أسد الصحراء says:

    العربي يضغط لايك

  20. firsttimecaller longtimelistener says:

    I dig the movie Win It All

  21. bogart pogi says:

    who taught the no 1 is Oceans 11????

  22. Stealthplate says:

    Molly's game . Black jack movie very good !

  23. Jerry Blair says:

    I love Paul in The Hustler to me it's one great gambling movie's along with The Cinnanit Kid played by Steve McQueen .Two classic of their area

  24. Simon Wilso says:

    If you allow The Sting (great movie but mainly a con movie) then I think you need to consider "Casino" (mainly a gangster/Vegas movie but great gambling scenes like everyone watching everyone ! Mollys Game is good as well.

  25. untamed000 says:

    First of all they didn't even mention "Mississippi Grind" and "The Sting" was mainly about a big scam like grifting, they even say it in the cilp they played.

  26. irving flores says:

    what about WARREN BEATTY in Kaleidoscope, PHIL IVEY tried this in real life at Europe Casinos with Millions.

  27. Andrew Castillo says:

    WTF Rounders #2 no one that gambles made this list you failed

  28. cody3300 says:

    Diggstown (1992)
    Lucky You (2007)

  29. Dempo Raya48 says:

    No God of Gamblers on the list????

  30. Abin Tom Sebastian says:

    1) The Hangover

  31. Christian Osmar Boruel Carmona says:

    Me ofende que Rounders no sea la número 1

  32. Stephen Phillips says:

    It should be The Sting and The Hustler taking both top spots, no preference on which is 1 or 2, both fantastic films 😉

  33. Maxim Lekov says:

    Sorry, but you put '21' ahead of The Cincinatti Kid? wtf are you guys smoking?

  34. Fernando Jr Bayan says:

    where can I watch these movies.

  35. Aotoshi Jamir says:

    Shorten your intro!! My Goodness!!…

  36. Michael DeQuatro says:

    My Picks: Rounders #1…The Sting #2 (my favorite movie of all time)…The Cincinnati Kid #3

  37. pyramidtrader1 says:

    I like the gambler 2014 remake

  38. Chris Shervheim says:

    Mississippi Grind ❗❗

  39. Paulo Zimmermann says:

    I loved maverick when I was a kid

  40. Gonzo42 ?? says:

    Pool Hall Junkies not on the list????

  41. Tom Freese says:

    The Sting is my favorite

  42. Absolute Zero says:

    21 is the best

  43. dave marnell says:

    Seven Days to Vegas

  44. Dickie Smith says:

    Whats the music?

  45. mobing hage says:

    21 is the best gambling movie

  46. Kanwar Anand says:

    Also Check out player 5150, win it all, casino, 21, lucky you and poolhall junkies.

    I wish they made more films based on the casino.

    Edit – big hand for a little lady is great too

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