44 thoughts on “High 5 Causes You're Dropping at Poker”
  1. Aces Aces says:

    The best trick is :
    Take one game at a time… And forget your wins and loses

  2. Tom Woods says:

    In my view the real one is exde.monster/azr-guide/64z
    I used it today

  3. Legion Sherwood says:

    #1 Reason how to win is the ability to read people.

  4. Nathan vermeiren says:

    #1 Going all in with pocket aces is auto loss

  5. Wildcat 8 says:

    Playing to many hands is amateur # 1.5. Lol. Us amateur play to many hands with face cards out of position & limp in to much with strong hands.

  6. RM GUPTA says:

    many time i lose when pair of ace and king i did not expect this and online sites fix cards

  7. e00d says:

    i love that last part haha

  8. Yan Kubik says:

    YOU are RONG daniel # 1 reason its because you play headsup AGAINST DOUG POLK #2 reason its because you play headsup AGAINST DOUG POLK #3 reason its because you play headsup AGAINST DOUG POLK #4 reason its because you play headsup AGAINST DOUG POLK and #5 its because YOU THINK YOU ARE A POKERGOD AND THE BEST OVERALL PLAYER …..YOU ARE RONG DANIEL !!!! POKERGOD NAME IS PHIL IVEY NOT DANIEL NEGREANU BAHAHABAHAHAABBUAHAHA!!!

  9. Elwin van Wees says:

    Probably should watch his own video again ay!

  10. Alexander Alex says:

    online poker is not a poker it is a slot

  11. Tony Harris says:

    Reason #1 through infinity:

    You're playing with GG's money against someone clearly better than you in an online grudge match.

  12. Rock Steady says:

    Confidents and awareness of the tables aggression and weaknesses must come into it.

  13. Vladimir Zarin says:

    #1 reason – Luck

  14. Crusoe says:

    Top #1 reason to losing is accepting heads-up challenge with Doug Polk :/ sorry, just joking:]

    I really root for you in there, I hope you can turn it around, but Doug is fantastic player so It's gonna be hard 🙂

  15. EACY GAMES says:

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  16. Mingi says:

    When i first started playing poker i was good at knowing when to bluff but suddenly i became scared to bluff because everyone at the home game plays any hand like 85 offsuit even when i raise preflop

  17. Anthony ramsis says:

    '' # Reason 6 …Blame Murphy's law …''

  18. Evania Creations says:

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  19. Animalfriendly says:

    You got da skills to teach. Enjoyable

  20. Rodolfo Vitangcol says:

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  21. Marco Polo says:

    But loosing is the best way to learn you mistake and improve your skills at the tables.

  22. Dimitris Takas says:

    That's great man. Thanks

  23. Totally Obvious Bull Shit says:

    Black Friday was the death of online poker

  24. Korvaraiskaaja says:

    #1 Online Poker Is Rigged!
    #2 Online Poker Is Rigged!
    #3 Online Poker Is Rigged!
    #4 You aren't promoting the sites. So, if you would win, you would be taking money out of the ecosystem. The sites won't let you win, because you aren't gonna bring more player traffic on to the sites. Online Poker Is Rigged For Promoters And Streamers Doing Collaboration With The Sites To Rip You Of.
    Or Rigged To Even The Money With Fishes And Sharks, So The Only Winner Will Be The House.
    #5 You aren't a close friend with the owners of the sites so you aren't rigged to win so you lose.
    I was heavily winning player for over 200k hands, then sudden doomswitch. I can't win a single hand. I need to fold fullhouses, second nuts, nothing is good. I even folded straight KK preflop, because knew there was BB aces waiting to fuck me. And there they were, just before money, waiting me to shove in. I have video proof about this. And the AA didn't even held. Pocket TT ran a set. Nice, basic online poker.
    Then the first time ever donkeys. Shoves preflop all in w 52, Q3, J4 etc. Rans flushes, straights, fullhouses against my pocket AA. Every time, they are cracked.
    Fun fact. Pocket AA NEVER HOLDS in FINAL TABLES! NEVER! I have seen and experienced 100% cracked aces in final tables. BullFuckingShit.

  25. Berserker says:

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  26. TANK. 44 says:

    The number one reason you're losing is you're playing online and it's rigged.

  27. Nick Simopoli says:

    What a douchey video

  28. Y says:

    That’s the one of the best presentation I’ve ever watched. 🙂

  29. akihitochan says:

    I put this video on merely as a distraction when I was furious about something family related, nothing to do with Poker… and tip #1 was unexpectedly helpful, hahah

  30. SKON MISS says:

    If u wanna learn absolutely nothin' about poker watch this video to the end.

  31. Oyakhilome Omoh says:

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  32. Adrian Perez says:

    Awesome Advice Daniel

  33. Sujon Khan says:

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  34. nick tye says:

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  35. Johnny Pickup says:

    Remember… getting lucky doesn't mean you're lucky

  36. joeseddit says:

    The problem with tilt is it's kinda like when you've had too much to drink. At the time, you think you're ok. It isn't until the next day you realize, "whoops, I wasn't ok at all".

  37. joeseddit says:

    sounds like he uses CBT for tilt.

  38. Yoongi Uchiha says:

    #1 Reason

    You're not Daniel Negreanu

  39. Swamp Yankee says:

    #1 playing online

  40. Sausage N Bellenz says:

    or 6, registering for a big tournament and forgetting to sit the tournament ..

  41. Poker Millionaires says:

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  42. Diego Ramos says:

    El mejor de todos negreanu, podrias hacer videos de principiantes recien empiezo en esto del poker y quiero ser uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo

  43. michaelewing85 says:

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  44. fer ube says:

    ive got 2 A all the time

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