21 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT Dragon Hyperlink GOLDEN CENTURY HANDPAY JACKPOT 🐲$50 Bonus Slot Machine”
  1. Joel Barron says:

    Happy New Year Mark and Gretchen.

  2. Peter Piper says:

    Very nice win. Great video…Thanks for posting…

  3. Jacob Mabbott says:

    Awesome session some great line hits in that handpay bonus

  4. Jonathan Tripp says:

    whats the big deal about the backup spin? do you believe that your odds change based on the previous spin being a feature or hold and spin?

  5. Nivesh Komal says:

    Great win. Imagine if the retriggers came when u were playing $50 a spin on $2 denom

  6. James Loftus says:

    Loved this soooo much-hands down the best version of dragon link-this was fun-thanks Mark n Gretchen!

  7. Kevin Kern says:

    Very nice win

  8. Ronann Morris says:

    What does copyright issue mean

  9. Slots for fun says:


  10. Charlotte Nasise says:

    Thank you! It was a great session to watch and wins.

  11. Rico EL GORDO LOCO Sabor says:

    Nice bonus at the end of the day!

  12. Wood Man says:

    Enjoyed Mark. Thanks and have a great weeekend

  13. Nick Grebenc says:

    That first bonus was a true injustice.

  14. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Mark and Gretchen. Congratulations on your hand pay jackpot. Thank you for sharing your video.

  15. Steven Antselevich says:

    Love your channel. One suggestion, when you have copyright issue is there a way to display message on top. It covers info about balance, bet amount, etc. Although you are great letting us know what's happening, it helps to see it.

  16. Dwayne Seftel says:

    That first bonus wasn't a bonus at all yikes

  17. Jo Brenner says:

    Great session, thanks for sharing!

  18. Vincent Graat says:

    Nice last bonus ! Yessss

  19. Jeffrey Hare says:

    Nice finish! Did any readers know that Congress may debate moving the $1200 taxable limit to $5K? That would be great and hoping it crosses over to my favorite—the Lottery. Naturally I wish we could be like many other countries and just not tax!

  20. Peter B says:

    That was me clapping and slapping… sorry

  21. Shaunos Morrison says:

    Could still hear you clearly even with the music that stops the copyright

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