12 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT Dragon Hyperlink Pleased & Affluent MASSIVE HANDPAY JACKPOT ~ $50 Bonus Slot Machine On line casino”
  1. Rangi Banks says:

    Aaaaamazing! Seriously amazing! I didn't even see that 5k orb until it was pointed out.

  2. Chris Cox says:

    Thanks again for all your great videos! Best casino channel out there.

  3. Art Pili says:

    That was awesome! Rarely do you get a back up spin like that, congrats. Thanks for sharing M and G.

  4. Joel Sadler says:

    hey Mg great win was good to watch and 4k stream is good quality

  5. Steven 05 says:

    Freakin Nice Hit Man! Gotta Love those Big orbs! Bammm!!!

  6. Terramex says:

    Mark maybe 3 back up instead of one will be better? Congratulations this is huge I had to go back and see that 5K orb dropped again lol

  7. Kevin Kern says:

    That was awesome
    Congratulations Mark and Gretchen
    It’s nice waking up and watching you guys play

  8. Billy Stixxz says:

    Why would anyone not like this..MG I believe some people watch just to see you loose..#Haterz

  9. Jo Brenner says:

    Great session, thanks for sharing, continued good luck to you both!

  10. Jacob Mabbott says:

    That was awesome congrats

  11. World Trending says:

    Oh no! I was late! But way to go bud! You always gives us enjoyment when you play slots and blackjack. Most especially what a way to celebrate jackpots when you are with your beautiful wife. Right? Congrats again! Woohoo!

  12. Linhda L says:

    I witness today at my casino, the guy was playing $50 bet ($2) he got the biggest BALL $10k
    Congrats on the winning!

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