24 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT Final Fireplace Hyperlink RiverWalk 🔥 $30 Bonus Spherical Slot Machine On line casino”
  1. Fernando Rossi says:

    On YouTube you are the only ones that know how to play

  2. Crispy Monkey says:

    Film piggy bankin and shogun

  3. Spencer Mabry says:

    You should try playing Zeus unleashed.

  4. Kevin Overall says:

    We have river walk at my local casino and it’s always the dud of all the fire links. It’s kinda the autumn moon of fire links.

  5. Duane Hankins says:

    These fire link machines always seem to be tight. Fun to watch when it’s not your money 😉

  6. Amanda Helstrom-White says:

    At least that last bonus was something worthwhile. Thanks for the video.

  7. John Simon says:

    UGCK glacier gold free game feature seems way better return

  8. Jacob Mabbott says:

    Seems a hard game this one maybe steer clear

  9. Art Pili says:

    Hi Mark, it's been a long time. Somewhat decent comeback, glad you didn't chase and try to get it all back. I know you're use to getting Grand Jackpots, but I got my first one yesterday – on free play! Betting a minimum of $1.25 on nickels, had 14 orbs and didn't think I would get the 15th because I didn't see it going around and out of no where it lands. $18,610 on a minimum bet! So now I know, you don't have to see that 15th orb spinning, if it's your time, it will hit. Even though i have not commented in months, I watch your videos regularly. My wife says you have a nice voice! hahah

  10. Donna McCann says:


  11. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Mark and Gretchen. This was a not too good session. You always bounce back. Good luck!

  12. HUFF N PUFF says:

    Win or lose love Fire link. Thanks for playing

  13. J&J Slots says:

    What you said at the end of this video is exactly how we feel about fire links. They are so hard to get a bonus. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Maureen Anderson says:

    Good Morning!!

  15. Peter Piper says:

    Nice comeback guys…Thanks for posting…..Pleased to finally be back with you….

  16. Brian Christopher Slots says:

    Awesome comeback! I feel the same about the new versions.

  17. Sonny Black says:

    Good battle bud. Agreed that bonus wasnt up to par. Have a good rest of your weekend!

  18. Ken Riches says:

    What a bummer , hope you make that up on another machine !

  19. Janis Anderson says:

    Always enjoy your videos

  20. Little Philly says:

    Not great is right. That is about the same as I have done. Best to you and Gretchen

  21. Lea Upton says:

    Machines are tight all over. Thanks for the video! Good luck for next time!

  22. James Loftus says:

    Thanks so much-woke up to my favorite firelink slots w/Mark n Gretchen(camp rising sun) love ya guys-thanks 4 firelink fun-James!

  23. Tim Berrington says:

    What a difference between Mohegan and Seminole

  24. Dave N says:

    Appreciate how honest these videos are… they’re a true reflection of what actually happens with many of these games. T/Y!

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