23 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT from $9 to $50 a SPIN 💰 San Manuel On line casino”
  1. ANNA MARIE says:

    Since that is your partner casino, is that your money you are playing with or do they give you a boatload of funny/money /complimentary money to play with.

  2. Rich Wilson says:

    I love this game

  3. Gtard Snout says:

    Awesome video!

  4. Thomas Ralabate says:


  5. sweetgirl4u247 says:

    Man dancing drums is an annoying machine but sometimes it really does pay good.

  6. Mincent Price says:

    I'm watching on Monday – and you still put a big smile on my face, with all of the emotions that you get put through every 10 minutes. It's pretty heartwarming. I'll bet Marco and Britt have to sedate you , so you can re-charge. lol I discovered you at the beginning of the pandemic. Even with a merch mask on, it didn't take away from the personal vibe we like so much. I've lost hours in the late evening gambling with you, at places I can never go. Being housebound I have been lucky enough to find 8 channels that I can hang out and game, play some music, and now I gamble all over playing high limit slots with you. I think you would be surprised at how many people like me get something extra special from you, Marco, and Britt Yes – I AM A RUDIE !!

  7. Slot Hustler says:

    Love watching you Brian! You’re the best!

  8. Audelio Espinoza says:

    It's too bad they changed the dancing drums from 1 cent to 5 cents at San Manuel they are not paying nothing, nobody plays anymore as we used to play.

  9. michael tipton says:

    Holy Ship!

  10. Shelia Vestal says:

    Brian you're insane but I ♥️ it!!! Keep it up!!!

  11. cory cox says:

    Max bet, always gets the cash.

  12. Beverly Gamble says:

    To rich for my blood…

  13. Dave Robinson says:

    I've done the 3 many times on Dancing Drums and most were pretty good hits

  14. Dave Robinson says:

    I can't believe you wasted another $1000 on Britt's favorite Dancing Drums. Put a leash on him Britt, and every time he tries to go for that machine, yank him away

  15. Angela Grant says:

    Good luck Brian ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥

  16. Annette Iannuzzi says:

    Hey did you guys go to Philadelphia yet???

  17. Steve O says:

    What determines a" partner casino"?

  18. Shar Troost says:

    Hope it went your way today

  19. alex s says:

    you left a thousand in the pot—somebody will sit down, play 88 cents and win

  20. Prime Time Scratcher says:

    Love your videos my friend. You are a blast to watch. Keep them coming.

  21. The Kurt's Place Channel says:

    Always love your videos Brian. Thanks for posting this.

  22. Erin B. says:

    Brian and Britt, I got my first handpay today at Firekeepers casino in Michigan playing Egyptian Jewel. 10 cent denomination $2.50 bet. Got the Super Grand chance. My handpay was $1,287.52!! Was so happy on a $2.50 bet!!

  23. Vanessa Otero says:

    HI Brian and Britt. Congratulations on your hand pay jackpot. I like when you play new slot machines. Brian you are too funny. You always put a smile on my face every time I watch your videos.

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