20 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT HANDPAY JACKPOT! Dragon Money Slot Machine! Up To $50 Bets!!”
  1. Richard k. says:

    Slot hottie was like " let's go crazy " love that

  2. onejazzimom says:

    I don't think the $50 spins gave a single line hit. Great hand pay

  3. dundun lin says:


  4. Rosio H says:

    Awesome Win, Thanks for Sharing another Good Video

  5. Lawrence S. says:

    Nice win Sarah!! WAY TO GO!!!!

  6. Drissa Thornton says:

    This was fun to watch with the higher bets. Glad you got the nice handpay and turned a profit!

  7. Theepk says:

    lolol was that a moan of excitement at 5:225:23 ? lolololol beautiful as always !

  8. Jim says:

    I like how you look at the camera when the big hits happen. It is like we are standing right there. Then you the check game to see the pay.

  9. mathew alfes says:

    Great video

  10. Neil Cutten says:

    Won't we all be happy when you stop self-suffocating and we can see your smile.

  11. Mike Palladino says:

    Why do you never show what you have Won? The whole point of watching the videos is to see witch machines are good to play and how much you win on a spin and how much you win in the bonuses. Well it's like that for me any way

  12. hmoobvajnojmovloj says:

    Your rich now can I pick an ring check it on lol.

  13. Jeremy Clark says:

    Way to rebound!!

  14. Randy Willheit says:

    Very Nice, Congratulations!!!

  15. Tim Star says:

    Well done SL

  16. ANG TJIN GOEAN says:

    it seems like u r going to major league. Good luck

  17. Scott McCarthy says:

    Hey Sarah, WOW!!!! Congrats on your handpay!!!! SWEET!!! the chinese music is funny. lol Love you long time!!! lol Guess thats the way the egg rolls!! lol So is there a High Limit room in El Cortez??? And if so, have you filmed or played in it??? 🙂

  18. studer25k says:

    Dooo Daaa Dooo’s. Nice hand pay

  19. Taylor L Cameron says:

    I'm addicted, your personality is amazing. Win big. Ily beautiful an your channel!

  20. MultiMrbigg says:

    Awesome, Sexy Smiles!!!!!

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