23 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT Lightning Hyperlink Excessive Stakes ~ $25 Bonus Spherical Slot Machine On line casino NICE SESSION FOR KYM P.”
  1. Art Pili says:

    Nice win, thanks for sharing M and G.

  2. Rick Leong says:

    High Stakes – approx
    73 spins to bonus on $1 at $25 for $480(19.2x) plus
    1 spin to bonus $1 at $25 for $575(23x) plus
    16 spins to bonus on $.25 at $12.50 for $787.50(63x) plus
    13 spins to bonus on $.10 at $15 for $385(25.6x) plus 1 out (finished +396)

    Love taking the win and running. Thanks for sharing..

  3. James Oneavatar says:

    Nice run! It's funny you called gold briefcases "yellow suitcases"

  4. Lando Davenport says:

    can you do a session of wild chuco?

  5. Matthew Mead says:

    From watching your channel I learned to never leave a bonus. Most of time I get b2b only on dragon links though.

  6. Donna McCann says:

    Groovy Mark you sound down in the dumps or tired .. Hugs

  7. wayne stafford says:

    <3 this pokie. when it wants to pay hahaha

  8. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Mark and Gretchen. I was getting nervous there I thought you were going to lose all of your money. Thank goodness for those bonuses.

  9. Jacob Mabbott says:

    Tough game. But good to see a few bonuses

  10. Rick Smith MUSIC says:

    Good win

  11. Marvin Freeman says:

    Good session

  12. Rangi Banks says:

    Thought that this was a bust or evens session, it was cool that you made a profit. Thanks for sharing

  13. Margaret Willingham says:

    Good morning, Mark & Gretchen and Kym!!! Nice comeback at the end!! See you later today!!

  14. Sonny Black says:

    Nice bonuses and session! Thanks for the video.

  15. Gary Carlson says:

    The way that machine started off you were lucky to make a profit.

  16. Brenda Redmond says:

    Good comeback

  17. Kevin Kern says:

    Nice little win

  18. Les davis jr says:

    Playing 1 my fav slots, well done

  19. Rene Louisiana Red says:

    Good morning have a great day 🙂

  20. Ken Riches says:

    Thx for the vid .

  21. Daniel C. says:

    MG!!! I went to my local casino on Saturday. Was playing on Heartthrob and doing $7.50 a spin mostly. Decided to brave 1 $25 spin and got the bonus and a $2136 hand pay. Was awesome.

  22. dave brave says:

    BJ Every Day Bro

  23. Shelia Salpietra says:

    Good morning hope you have a blessed day

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