27 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT Lightning Hyperlink Greatest Guess MASSIVE HANDPAY JACKPOT $50 Bonus Spherical Slot Machine On line casino”
  1. MGSlots 21 says:

    Not sure if we will ever have another session like this on Lighting Link with over $25K in Jackpots! https://youtu.be/obcLNSDtl1Y

  2. Kevin Kern says:

    That was a nice bonus.

  3. Jahmaine Wilson says:

    I’ve learnt h don’t need luck or anything else u just need a lot of money to win

  4. Rüdiger P. says:

    Happy new year Mark and Gretchen .The best to you ,from Berlin-Germany

  5. FinitieTrades says:

    I’m so confused what you do for a living. Cause there’s no way you’re a professional gambler right? Like you can’t make a living off slots I don’t think.

  6. Rich Dibernardo says:

    Awesome….Happy New Year!

  7. HUFF N PUFF says:

    Pipe dream for sure lol. BTW seen a pic on internet someone hit 198K on Huff N Puff ( grand ) you hear anything?

  8. Gee S says:

    Nice win! Cheers to a great year M&G!

  9. Mark Challed says:

    I like it the $50 bet amount is the right way to go. Great win. Thanks for the post, Mark.

  10. Gary Carlson says:

    Great Video.

  11. john Kulpowich says:

    Happy New Year Gretchen and Mark

  12. Marianne Maher says:

    Wow ..watching on my TV Fabulous….

  13. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Mark this session started slow but you made it big at the end. Congratulations on your winnings.

  14. Lori Sprenger says:

    I love when you hit the big ones. You have such good cash out skills lol. Thanks for all you do.

  15. ThatVegasCouple says:

    Love your videos!! Awesome bonus!!

  16. Pat Loh says:

    Indeed, it was epic for a session of favorite denom and lightning link slot. The Hammer was so worried after the 1st session that i dropped it on my toes again..LOL

  17. Donna McCann says:

    Groovy ,,,, do you know what the RTP % is ? they say its printed some where on the game menu ? or you can ask them ? its % of a million spins or % of the life of the pokie

  18. Anthony DeFabees says:


  19. Marie Jung says:

    Happy New Year M&G!..Awesome win!

  20. Joan Lockwood says:

    We love you both win…..

  21. henrik john says:

    I used your strategy on the eve of Christmas in one of California casino and I was up $12000 and then I got banned for 24 hours for no reason.

  22. Joel Barron says:

    Congratulations on that bonus it was awesome.

  23. David Mathias says:

    Congratulations Mark and Gretchen. Happy new year.

  24. Keith Kramer says:

    That's one lightning link I've never had luck on

  25. Keith Kramer says:

    Love watching your videos

  26. Liberty says:

    Congratulations on your amazing session and well deserved win.

  27. Tim Berrington says:

    Nice one Mark

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