23 thoughts on “HIGH LIMIT Mighty Money Slot Machine $36 BET Bonus – Nice Comeback | Stay Slot Play | EP-7 | EP-10”
  1. NG Slot says:

    $200 A Spin Mega Handpay On DRAGON LINK SLOT ! Premiere At 5pm PT ! https://youtu.be/8HvhLJibJIs

  2. Shoua Vue says:

    God damn she lost $10k lol

  3. Alex Mora says:

    $1.50 profit


    will you be at cosmo on the 14/17$$$$/?

  5. M M says:

    That is the first time I've seen Free Games awarded w/out Good Fortune and I didn't think it could happen. Good Job NG!

  6. caitlin kelly says:

    Hi NG love your videos !!! good and bad losses the reality of casinos

  7. william gerena says:

    Good Luck NG!

  8. Gianna Bloomer says:

    You are my slots hero. Thank bro!

  9. HRP SloTs says:

    That was an entertaining session NG. Nothing wrong with breaking even bro

  10. Debby S says:

    For me, breaking even is a win. lol! Congrats on your Bonuses. Now…off 2 your Premiere

  11. Jo Brenner says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us NG!

  12. mike ellis says:

    Congrats…i never like that game a 36 doller bet and not even a hand pay.

  13. Angela Grant says:

    Good luck NG. Thanks for playing De vinci Diamonds. You have to be patient with that game. You can win huge wins.

  14. Maureen Anderson says:

    Good morning SMILE

  15. Show Me The Monkey says:

    NG you are the best slot channel to watch !! You are a beast!!!!! I love you and your channel so much fun. Will you ever come to New York to play? I’d love to meet you

  16. robert borgstahl says:

    do you play at casinos all over the world

  17. Larry says:

    i SMASHED the like button

  18. Chris Anthony says:

    NG for Mayor of Las Vegas!!!!!

  19. Tyler Sieradzki says:

    Hahaha she said “what do you do?” And your reply is epic.. “nothing” haha

  20. Rocio Macedonio says:

    Good luck NG ☘️☘️☘️☘️

  21. Lea Upton says:

    Good morning my friend! Good luck if you're gambling today!

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