1. Keven Hughes says:

    Single betting 5 and 10 bucks isn’t high limit. Good luck to you and your channel.

  2. Jett Rink says:

    Enjoyable slot videos for sure… thank you

  3. Dennis Huff says:

    Bigger than anything you have won

  4. Dale Marshall says:

    You will lose again if keep playing only one on a two coin please stop somebody help me tell him

  5. Dale Marshall says:

    You got to play two credits

  6. Carol Sullivan-Lee says:

    when is a good time to go to tunica gold strike and what machines you suggest thank you

  7. Greg The Gambler says:

    It was a tough for you, but you will get a big win/jackpot pretty soon. Just stay positive. That's an awesome jackpot that your neighbor won.

  8. Kande says:

    This video was so exciting!! Thank you bud!! We wish you the best of luck to hit that damn jackpot!!! Thanks again!!!!

  9. Roy Briscoe says:

    Waisting your time and $$$. Max bet

  10. spider88able says:

    good luck

  11. Donna Evans says:

    Have you been to the new Oak Grove casino ?

  12. Jim L says:

    WOW you just keep Rollin on the minimum bet I just can't do that myself I got to go balls to the wall good luck to your pal I hope for the best for you

  13. just keep going says:

    I wonder how many times he spun before he hit that? Do you know?

  14. Ron Tucker says:

    Tough run. Hang in there. Play tight till the Jackpot comes.

    Once that you that said the ladies shirt was to ugly to film?
    Funny stuff.

  15. Robert Last says:

    do it, wow that was painful, while the dude hit for $32,000, better luck next time Sir

  16. Glenn Miller says:

    True story: back in December 2007, I had a dream that I had gone to Atlantic City and won a huge amount of money on a slot machine. So I went, and within minutes I had hit for $2500 on a $5 machine. I was about to leave when I passed the $100 machines. I decided to put in $300 in the Double Diamond machine and try my luck. On the third pull I got two Double Diamonds and a red 7 – $32,000.00. My biggest win ever. I'm still waiting for another dream.

  17. Holly Haugen says:

    Good luck ☘

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