1. KronosSlots says:

    Ah for those; you have to understand going max bet (50$) a spin is very difficult. The sweet spots of these games in particular is in between 10 and 25$ or euro's. I know, ive bin there. Classic game tho.

  2. KronosSlots says:

    I approve.

  3. Dominic Moreau says:

    Just some general guidance to the audience on this game and its clones (e.g. Vampire's Embrace, Queen of the wild, although this rule follows with King of Africa, Unicorn, and Jungle Wild 3). With these games you need to be bankrolled based on your bet size. I find that a good rule of thumb is to always bring at least 100-200x your bet in order to give yourself the best shot at a good session. These games are really volatile and they can tear you up hard if you don't have a deep enough bankroll to tolerate the cold spells and bad bonuses that happen. Also all things being equal it's better to play the non-progressive versions of the game since the progressive game versions divert some of the payout to the jackpot, so it's harder to hop on there and double up. The non-progressive versions of this game can be amazing, although I've had some epic sessions on the progressive versions as well, it's a lot easier to go on a good run without the progressive hampering the base game.

    The other thing is that on these games you do NOT want to excessively chase bonuses. Bonuses happen in my experience roughly every 100-150 spins on average (hence why you bring at least 100x your bet to give yourself a fair shot at it) but I've seen games hit 1000 spins with no bonus before. This isn't one of those games where a bonus a guaranteed big hit, and nothing hurts worse than playing 500 spins to get a 5x bonus. Stop losses are a must on these because they can rip hard and fast if you get careless.

  4. Tina Mimms says:

    Happy Holidays to you too

  5. MrVandj1 says:

    Literally every video you post is garbage. Please stop

  6. Francis Nguyen says:

    Great work on handpay.

  7. space14605 says:

    You're still down 1300$

  8. George Amin says:

    you should try changing your bet a little

  9. little devil says:

    47x is not a massive jackpot

  10. M. Rizz says:

    Hard to win.

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