22 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS – $100okay NLH #6 | MILLIONS Tremendous Excessive Curler Sochi 2020 | partypoker”
  1. Cohen The Show says:

    52:40 mateos played this hand horribly, 3 way hand, u have to bet to try to get people away from the hand there are way too many bad rivers u can have and at the river without anything strong nobody is gonna call u, very weak play..

  2. みさお0.3% says:

    They are a crazy gambler.Really they like any gamble very very.It is interesting for me to learn any gamble.

    This is a gamble.It is boat race.

    One team is 3 member. One team has 1000000yen.Then, One day in 12 race is in lose limit 100000yen.The team fight in 360 races.One member of one team fights in 30 races.
    Which team can win ?I guess that <ルーキーズ> team will win.

    The fighter show you very exsiting site without other stream.You can enjoy this stream very very.
    For all one good luck.

  3. Tommy Jensen says:

    I would not mind watching paint dry, so long as Jeff Gross is commenting.

  4. da Ha says:

    eibinger looks so cringy

  5. PataraQartveli says:

    13:32 don't check like this please!

  6. Turttlez says:

    IVEY first hand AA..

  7. Karl Mccormack says:

    Eibinger with the big suckout and with no reasons for it.. terrible shove with a similar stack next to u. WHAT A LUCKBOX!

  8. Dave Sherman says:

    Eibinger it’s like watching paint dry……

  9. Ad Rock says:

    Great content. Thank you!

  10. NowFuckOffIGotWorkToDo says:

    burns makes the tightest folds with a big stack…

  11. yacine chiguer says:

    I love soyza

  12. Me7rold says:

    Limitless !! Trueteller real pro cash player vs …MTT

  13. Handless26 says:

    could Kahle maybe find a cap that fits him?

  14. Jammy Saisanavong says:

    I like that old mate won it 😀

  15. Buil Dinit says:


  16. Yung No More says:

    When was this played?

  17. Nathan Wolfson says:

    Bryn is the man

  18. GeefTheQueef says:

    stupid call from kenney

  19. James Markley says:

    I wonder how Ivey got knocked out

  20. Anto Chan says:

    What an awful call at the end LOL wowwww what a donk

  21. sharkblade47 says:

    How did phil ivey get knocked out?

  22. Tanel Tamberg says:

    A bit too loose call from Kenney imo. But what do I know, i dont even play poker 😀

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