7 thoughts on “Home of the Useless EX slot machine bonus win at Parx on line casino”
  1. emily jones says:

    was playing this the other day.
    not a fan of it dropped 30 couldn't hit a fucking thing

  2. Christopher Saylor says:

    Haha all the bonus games are the same as Carnival of Mystery's

  3. P2000Camaro says:

    OHhhh. Nice. I'm sitting here watching this going "Wow.. This is the worst paying bonus ever.." then the multiplyer at the end came up..lol

  4. manuelbonezwth says:

    The fat guy in 1:49 doesnt wanna be touched jajaja

  5. Tyrone Thompson says:

    i played it yesterday, walked off with 199 bucks!

  6. southstar44 says:

    This game is so much fun. I was a huge fan of the House of the Dead shooter series for Sega & the idea of making this game into a slot machine is just brilliant! I love the aspect of being able to play a mini game where you shoot zombies rather than just endlessly pulling a lever and watching numbers roll by. So creative!

  7. bonusqueenDeb says:

    LOVE this game. It is hard to find. Great job picking. I really like the theme of this game. I wish there were more horror themes!

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