36 thoughts on “Hovering with a HIGH LIMIT JACKPOT 🦅 Eagle Bucks at Agua Caliente On line casino”
  1. genxer39 says:

    Thanks #BrianChristopher . My cell phone is playing peaches, from you saying "Google play Peaches". I haven't heard this song in forever. Remember their other hits: Lump and Video killed the radio star.

  2. Michael Schwartz says:

    "Millions of peaches…" You have perfect pitch!

  3. minimum bet small timer says:

    You through 15 in but there was 152.00 credit in machine ? Hows 15=152

  4. Robert Edgar says:

    Hi Brian and Britt and Kevin’s.line it up

  5. Adan Quintana says:

    so funny my google started playing that song..

  6. elizabeth ramos says:

    Lol love the google music shout out. Yall should do it every once in a while. Let's listen to some of your most favorite songs just randomly.

  7. Toenail Clippings says:

    From Seattle 1993

  8. KAREN WARGO says:

    "Peaches" is a great song!

  9. PRK BGG says:

    So many intros from Texas lol

  10. Bonnie Gregory says:

    Closed caption is in the way.

  11. Bonnie Gregory says:

    Hi Brian my name is Bonnie Gregory, I've been watching your YouTube channel for years. You were the first.

  12. Nunyo BIZ says:

    Bald Asian character looks like John C Riley

  13. NYRavage says:


  14. Karsten 2409Travel says:

    Beagle Music Ltd. – Ice In The Sunshine (1986) *sing the Song) Happy Easter 🙂

  15. spider88able says:

    great job

  16. dj kasper says:

    Lol how many other ppls google started playing “ peaches” haha

  17. Gianna Bloomer says:

    You are both a great team! Thanks

  18. viviana cordova says:

    in which casino are they playing

  19. Robert Blackburn says:

    Happy easter

  20. Vanessa Otero says:

    Hi Brian and Britt. Congratulations on those delicious bonuses. You and Britt are hilarious together. Is nice to share laughter with one another.

  21. James Hernan says:


  22. Elizabeth Mish says:

    The two guys in the beginning sounded like they called you Kevin.

  23. Mindy Waymire says:

    Lol….Brian when you asked Google to play Peaches, mine played it!

  24. John Trussell says:

    Everytime you kept saying "hey Google" it picked up your voice.

  25. killopollyful says:

    Love the song Brian

  26. David Johnson says:

    He looks more bald-headed than he does wild.

  27. JDAWG1989 SABBATH says:

    I like take on me by a-ha

  28. Jay Mar says:

    Lol is it a Canadian thing….whats the group name "presidents of the United States " can It get more American

  29. itsonlycapnkirk says:

    Hey Brian, who is the lady in the background ? I keep hearing her but never see her !

  30. Brian McFarland says:

    Not peaches, they're golden apples.

  31. Sally Shearin says:

    Brian if u tell google to play peaches now it will probably play Justin beibers new song peaches. Just so you know. Good luck

  32. Bryan says:

    All that talk of peaches, had to make a peach and yogurt parfait, yummmmm!

  33. shawn lombardi says:

    Happy Easter to you Brian and Brit

  34. Carmen Elliott says:

    I haven’t heard that song in forever! Love from BC

  35. James Oneavatar says:

    Awesome bonus, congratulations!

  36. maat hathor says:

    That Reel Riches game really sucked for you! And you played with a high bet!. Better luck next time.

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