20 thoughts on “How Antonio Esfandiari made a $25Okay MISTAKE ♠️ Better of Shark Cage ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Andre Lucas Santos says:

    Im looking foward for some support!! Ive been having problems with payouts been displayed wrong on the cellphones !! More than 2 weeks and no answer.. And due to blowout tkts i also lost 5.5 usd and had no support.. Plus the site freezed on jan 1 and lost my chips . the live support said it was my fault! I wonder why hsve support with the players dont hsve a feedback.

  2. Cranjis McBasketball says:

    25k is like a regular person winning 100 bucks…..he won't be too mad for missing out….got plenty

  3. QT8270 says:


  4. Anthony Hernandez says:

    13:24 Tony Soprano actually was in a cage when they found that kid with the gun he threw in the snow and Walter White got locked up and maced in the face for disorderly conduct

  5. Jordan Welch says:


  6. Brandon Larsen says:

    joe needs a haircut lol

  7. Sergio Ropo says:

    That guy looks exactly like Don Cheadle.

  8. Luc Pare says:

    Ivey looks like he can pierce your soul just by looking at you.

  9. Roland Kennedy says:

    God Antonio is so damn good

  10. Robert Jacques says:

    who would care about 25k when these ppl play more then that its chump change to them at the table that's why he forgot

  11. piglink10 says:

    3:15 why is it unlucky for antonio?

  12. Elizandro Machado says:

    Estou tentando almentar meu limite a mais de 10dias e não consigo o serviço de suporte não está funcionando corretamente

  13. Vivek Sharma says:

    That is what luck is. Come on man how can Phil Ivey go into the cage

  14. paul couto says:

    if only there was a giant clock…

  15. Free Camera says:

    the best is blue host its just 2.95$

  16. Владимир Ефимов says:

    Best moments? Перестаньте уже чушь показывать как фишара с 22 влазит против двоих в 3бет-пот и называть это лучшим моментом. Из-за таких видео невозможно играть адекватно на помойном руме

  17. Kevin Persson says:

    When will play be available to Canadians?

  18. Nicholas Jackson says:

    Does anyone else find Joe Stapleton irritating

  19. Tiago Portela says:

    I feel like the qualifier made a bad fold. In that situation, the only hand he's ever shoving with is a bluff. If he has a 9 or flush he probably bets pot ish to try and get some value out of his hand. Obviously, its a sick spot against a sick player but I could definitely see a call in that spot.

  20. DJ Jordan says:

    Still no MuteStapleton app out there?

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