24 thoughts on “How Justin Bonomo gained 474ok CASH within the Large Sport ♠️ Better of The Large Sport ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. joe caves says:

    How does he win? Collusion and cheating.

  2. Mark Mohr says:

    He should have opened up a few sit n gos

  3. Rockyall says:

    Bryn is #1, not Justin Bonomo

  4. QT8270 says:


  5. Thomas ttt says:

    How can they play high stakes & double check their cards after the flop like they forget what they hold.

  6. Stephen Curran says:

    Terrible last hand by lex

  7. Stephen Curran says:

    Love that bluff by mercier

  8. Lowbvll says:

    Miss his pink hair lol

  9. XtotheK says:

    I'm not trying to take away from Bonomo or anyone else's achievments but bloody hell did he run good on The Big Game. Hand after hand he kept getting dealt the Nuts or borderline nuts and he just let everyone else hang themselves with their own cards.
    If anything it made the hand where the Loose Cannon managed to outplay him all the more impressive, even if it was only one hand.

  10. Pavel Pl says:

    Русский комент , парниша 2 раза ополошал

  11. xDAKPRODUCTIONSx says:

    It must be a good feeling when the villian announces his hand is the board

  12. Daniel Wolf says:

    The K9dd slow call lmaooooooo hahahahahaha lolololol

  13. D I says:

    I love poker ♦️♠️♣️

  14. perry young says:

    Phil laak had bigger big game profit but played more tables

  15. j dog says:

    @2:25 what's up with lex's equity? Shouldn't it be 9%

  16. DON KARLO says:

    How bonamo ran like a god. Poker stars shows these luck box hands. Show videos where the skill won the hand. Not flush over flush draw
    Poker stars smarten up

  17. So It Goes says:

    I guess from that first hand everyone can predict that Bonomo is gonna be world’s best and Lex is gonna play 5/10 for rest of his life.

  18. Владимир Ефимов says:

    Подборка никакущая. В Бономо пихали всё что можно и ему везло.

  19. Ronnie Creager says:

    Lol bonomo was around way earlier than the big game

  20. Russ Resse says:

    Props that bonomo is still one of the best players in the world 10 years later

  21. Blocka Datnikka says:

    We are still watching the full episodes .. this channel needs more content

  22. David Bogossian says:

    the bonomo middle part looks so bad lol

  23. Brett MacInnis says:

    Why does Mercier always have the worst possible haircut imaginable?

  24. Big Mike is talking says:

    If I ever played against Bonomo, every time he would raise me, I would cry, pee my pants and then fold……..In that exact order.

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