14 thoughts on “How Slot Machines Work: Losses Disguised as Wins”
  1. Dan Stafford says:

    Machines are designed to take your money exponential… it's best to keep your eye on your credits… that way you can tell when you're going to tap out!

  2. Ed Stevens says:

    Cant afford to win any more….

  3. David Smith says:

    This industry is a shining example of how the ideal of making money outweighs the health and well being of a society. To really understand the manipulation just try to search for a genuine slot video that demonstrates a huge loss. Not many come up, and no matter what you type into google or Youtube you'll get pages of "Huge Slot Bonus Win!" videos. So what chance does a problem gambler really have when they're up against that kind of manipulation?


    And i can crack that stupid RNG machine ..its so fuckin easy….

  5. gweedolb89 says:

    It took three doctors to generate this…

  6. no name anytime says:

    bullshit to slot machine..craps

  7. Д Е says:

    It's all about the free spins and bonus games when it comes to games like these…its the only way you can profit


    More and more machines are doing this. Worst one was a 2 cent win on a $2 bet!

  9. kajun74 says:

    I hate machines that make you think you just won the lottery and not even be paying back the amount you wagered…..

  10. Dragon Lee says:

    The machine was designed to make money for the owner and in a long run for you to lose

  11. Sebano Von Piano says:

    Lol and this shit is legal :D. Scam addicted, despret and stupid ppl to play slots. This is fucktup 😀 Im going to invest into making slots. Lol easy

  12. briancullenav says:

    Also check out these other videos that explain the inner workings of slot machines.
    The Stop Button
    The Jackpot Symbol
    Virtual Reel Mapping

  13. 0011clem raptor says:

    some machines now have 60 lines and when you get 'free spins' it is 6 games. the machines are getting tighter and tighter..

  14. Anonymous says:

    great info

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