19 thoughts on “How To Last Desk On-line Poker Tournaments”
  1. Jeff Boski says:

    Do you CALL or FOLD AQo at 7:00 ???

  2. Brandon Houston says:

    Damn I’m at the Wynn playing there 10K and no Jeff. I guess I will see you next time bro.

  3. Flores Erik says:

    I fuck with Boski he just another pothead but instead… he crushes online tourneys! Smoking one for you my good man

  4. Brad Anderson says:

    Jacks and Kings?!?! and the K9, too, you're starting to figure this game out, aren't you Boski?

  5. 8xMissOctober says:

    "We got a button clicker" LOL.

  6. fred K says:

    boss of the micros

  7. Ián Côllíer says:

    Look what the ronas has done, im watching some other guy play a $4 MTT poker tournament. What does that say about me? I need a darkened room to think.

  8. Alex Heyman says:

    real question on the 25BB river bet would the villain have folded for the additional 1.5BB if you rejammed lol


    Folding the AQ is the reason I say good shit boski pro move

  10. ooStuStu * says:

    love watching the content when you are in that 5th dimension… calling KK vs JJ .. Denegs who?

  11. PIP2323 says:

    We got a button clicker on our hands. Lol classic analysis from boski

  12. James Harrison says:

    Mr. Boski. I love the content but any real fan knows this is a repost. Just curious as to why?

  13. your mom says:

    was pspc 25k buyin within your bankroll

  14. Face921o says:

    Love me some Boski content!

  15. 6BT_ Str86 says:

    @ 13:24
    Well, if anyone still thinks boskis "tied to the algorithms"
    I feel a shitload better it's not only me with these donkeys

  16. Craig Palumbo says:

    That AQ fold when you predicted JJ & KK…didn’t that exact or similar situation happen to you in fairly recent tournament vid?

  17. Fastfunpoker Jamie says:

    Thanks for content.. on that Ak vs 33 hand it feels like a bot when he donk janms and rivers a set.

  18. alldro420 says:

    Getting it done Boski!

  19. Brett Lopez says:

    Is this a repost? I feel like I’ve seen some of these exact hands before.

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