13 thoughts on “How you can MASTER Poker with Daniel NEGREANU”
  1. Erlend Grødal says:

    Great talk. Good job, Jonathan

  2. crankin says:

    This is a new style for you. Really good interview! I hope you do more like this…

  3. Auktioneronline se says:

    How to master poker? With a guy who would not beat 11 dollar mtts at pokerstars.

  4. Madd Brad says:

    Top shelf content from 2 of my favorite poker pros! Daniel, you are definitely the Poker Ambassador! Just love your style, the way you carry yourself, & communicate. Just cannot say enough about the respect I have for you. And Jonathan has many of your great traits! Both of you are close to selfless when it comes to giving back! Kudos!

  5. Vivian l says:

    Awesome 🙂

  6. Hunter says:

    Thank you for this, Jonathan. New to poker theory, thank you for the privilege of having access to this content!

  7. R. Deckard says:

    Jonathan Little @ pokercoaching,com is making some quality content. I always enjoy the strategy content. Love seeing the interviews with the living legends of poker. Hellmuth and Negreanu are entertaining and educational. Keep up the good work. Am looking forward to more like this.

  8. GetMeThere1 says:

    Very nice interview! Daniel has a lot of great stuff to say (these days, lol), and I'm glad to hear it. Also give him lots of credit for stepping in the ring with Polk. Thanks for the upload.

  9. kenneth kerrigan says:

    Lets be honest here!! he is the only PRO.. If you really listen to him. tells the average JOE poker player how to make money, playing poker in this day of age. Young or old.

  10. neverquit says:

    Top of the game for a long time. I’m a PH fan but respect

  11. Kenny Arnold says:

    I’ve been absolutely addicted to your videos, and love knowing that present me would exploit the living daylights out of past me. thanks Jonathan!

  12. dawid ujma says:

    Daniel is such a cool dude, big respect for representing poker community with a class

  13. Van Peeples says:

    Great advice thank you Daniel

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