26 thoughts on “How Your Mind Is Getting Hacked: Fb, Tinder, Slot Machines | Tristan Harris”
  1. Matthew White says:

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  2. Matthew White says:

    I get my 6 years account back true hack_ spa3 on Instagram is very legit and trustworthy person am very greatfull sir

  3. lammm077 says:

    watched it on Netflix’s Social Dilemma and this is great insight.. our kids must be aware of this things

  4. Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia says:

    What this guy means is Stanford and silicon taught him how to manipulate people and brainwash them, which use to be illegal. It’s call sending subliminal messages.

    What does a subliminal message mean? Though some states in the USA outlawed its practice it’s still happening everywhere thanks to California and Silicon Valley and for sure it’s illegal in many nations.
    (Why the USA continues to allow?)

    A subliminal message is a technique used in marKEting and other media to influencE People without theiR bEing Aware of what the messenger is DoING. This may involve the use of split second flashes of text, hidden images, or subtle cues that affect the audience at a level below conscious awareness.

  5. Ol Mek says:

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  6. william D.salinas says:

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  7. frawldog says:

    Facebook sucks

  8. T Jay says:

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  9. alwaysyouramanda says:

    I feel so out of control when it comes to my fixation with my phone.

  10. the big cheese says:

    We are programmed from birth. If they just show you satisfying images they are hitting the satisfy button in your brain if they keep doing it they can tell you anything they want and program you/us.

  11. Elijah Cole says:

    Profile photo

  12. Zach Couch says:

    You look at your phone bc someone contacted you.

  13. raistlin skywater says:

    You just looked at something worthless

  14. The Watchful Hunter says:

    No money spent here, but thoughts influenced. BUT I get to rebutt any thought with mine. IF I have my own thoughts. And I can mute, stop, turn off at any moment for no reason. Compare to church where you are stuck with one way listening and peer pressure for a 'tithe', and Amazon that floods your mind with items shown as visual images to entice you to buy. Monkey see, monkey buy. Millions of people are being preyed on because they are impulse buyers. You tube is about thought influence to those who don't have an opinion. Because you tube censors all ideas it decides people should not think or know. Look up US military weapons in space. Good luck.

  15. Navdeep Singh says:

    Focus on one thing is very crucial for success in life.

  16. Kyle Pearce says:

    What a fascinating talk! The part about slot machines making more money in the USA than baseball, movies and theme parks combined was eye-opening. Interesting to see how social media and smartphone usage are very similar to slot machines…

  17. Padilla Hugo says:

    We got brain hacked.

  18. Carlos R. Mena says:

    How is this principle applicable to stuying? Can I get that adiction to study the topics I wanna know the most or wanna be an expert in?

  19. Tobias Sundqvist says:


  20. Sergio says:

    Non-evil people create evil systems all the time

  21. Lykos says:

    If you find yourself endlessly scrolling through a newsfeed, or a chain of comments, and you find no benefit out of it, then literally just stop what you are doing until you break out of the trance. Ask yourself why you feel the need to continue scrolling, and by using logic and reason, you will realise that you are wasting your time. This can be difficult at first but it becomes second nature with practice.

  22. Wilson Flores says:

    I don't need social approval and I don't give a rats ass if you like it or not. Reason why all these anti-social networks don't work for me. FAKEBOOK, TWEETYBIRD AND INSTANT-GRAT are no good for the future.

  23. The Music Connect says:

    I quit Facebook as it became to me like a false illusion for people to feel like they were being social while in reality they were being antisocial.

  24. Chris Villar says:

    I was hypnotized at the renaissance fair a few years back. I wouldnt suggest it.

  25. Something You Forgot says:

    Wow…Y we so impatient aha

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