11 thoughts on “HUGE BLUFF AT NL1K HEADS-UP! GingePoker Stream Highlights”
  1. Ryan Johnston says:

    If you didn't show him the Kx bluff in the 4b pot, he probably would have folded your last bluff shove with J9s.

  2. zito zito says:

    Are there heads up tables at 25nl on gg?

  3. Ace High says:

    This guys called so we’ll start with a cbet, this guys cbet so we’ll start with a call.

  4. Jack Smith says:

    What's the reason for raising to 8.4BB with AJs in SB vs 2.2x from MP? Is that not giving them decent odds to call with most of their range? Or is that why, it deincentivises 4B?

  5. cody williams says:

    Skillllllllzzzzzz ! Youre good at every format but I think youre even stronger 6max as opposed to hu

  6. Toby C says:

    Your videos always get me pumped up

  7. prozvidz says:

    Does GG now have Headsup tables?

  8. Tass Vo says:

    AJ is a fold on the river there as people massively underbluff heads-up. You have more straights and sets in heads up there too. Source: played 50k hands of headsup last year. Then 43 jam at 4:30, what do you think of small raise to keep flushdraws and straight draws in?

  9. Danilo Nilo says:

    Why show K3 as a bluff? Maybe he should find a fold with top pair 8 in the second spot if you don't show the bluff in the first.

  10. Michael Stern says:

    Damn respect for that call in the last HU hand. And also respect for the heart on the bluff!

  11. Nick Alvaro says:


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