25 thoughts on “HUGE BONUS WIN! Marvel four Timberwolf Slot Machine”
  1. SUBHAM RedEYE says:

    Play crazy time casino game by evolution

  2. Auden Tarin says:

    Your amazing u have such pretty eyes man your sexy

  3. Rockin Rocco says:

    Are you at the flamingo Friday leaving in the morning ????

  4. Avner Gafni says:


  5. Xavier Robinson says:

    TimberWolf on Wonder 4 has been treating me very nicely of late. Had a 1k bonus yesterday on a 4 dollar bet

  6. Rudy Meunier says:

    Slt bonne chance Sarah

  7. Celso Sapien says:


  8. Joseph Gutierrez says:

    Nice blessings " beautiful ❤️ smiles " Amen G night ☺️ Amen always praying for you and your family Amen

  9. Lebofilms says:

    When you have a video like you did with Wonder 4, do you sort of file away to yourself that you will include it as part as a "double feature" (sorry, you know how I am with movie terms 🙂 ), video as you will put together from time to time?

  10. daver8521 says:

    That was a great bonus, Sarah! Made up for the first sour session.

  11. jescojake says:

    Sure going to miss seeing you playing the slots…..best wishes as you head back to Canada !

  12. Emily M says:

    Nice win! I went to a casino for the 1st time in 14 months the other day and played Timberwolf because of you however didn't do well at all. lol.

  13. Rick Marlow says:

    Rock on!

  14. Mizuki x says:

    Nice pocket change. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Best of luck stay safe back home 🙂 miss the live stream already and Claudia. 🙂 aka : fromafar. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. John Bothe says:

    LOVE you Sarah!!

  16. Ak Knight says:

    Nice but of profit. Keep smiling stay stunningly beautiful.

  17. Vic Wong says:

    Miss your live video, miss you too!

  18. Kent Harris says:

    You go win them shinies Sarah!

  19. Devon C says:

    I was excited I hit the grand jackpot on it last night

  20. Chris P says:

    Get it girl, let yourself go ,don't hold back…that was awesome

  21. Kim K says:

    Another nice win on Timberwolf and Wonder 4!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

  22. Ed Sullivan says:

    Keep on winning.

  23. John Jasper says:

    welcome back to the northeast soon Sarah!

  24. Mbarka Ridha says:


  25. Jeff Ng says:

    Awesome win on Wonder 4. Keep it up Sarah.

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