23 thoughts on “HUGE BONUS WIN! Spin It Grand Slot Machine!”
  1. Margaret Cobb says:

    I love DaVinci Diamonds. Its mesmerizing. Thanks for playing it.

  2. DL Slot Vids says:

    Well done, Sarah! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Timothy Harrold says:

    Nice win for a Beautiful Lady ! Keep up the good luck Sarah

  4. Salt Life says:

    Do you ever come to tampa?

  5. Alex Lopez says:

    I love DaVinci Diamonds but it can be fickle with the winnings. Great job on Spin it Grand.

  6. Darrell Irwin says:

    Nice win

  7. Nathan Smith says:

    It was interesting to see, thanks

  8. Philip Kennedy says:

    good video, thanks

  9. Jason Rhodes says:

    You brought a huge smile when I needed it the most, nailing that win was great. Jason

  10. Lawrence S. says:

    Nice win on Spin-it Grand!! This game can either be very good or very bad… Way to go Sarah!!

  11. Ran Mck says:

    Nice 🙂

  12. P.M.DesertLife says:

    Have you played in Circa casino yet?

  13. Rolando Ramirez says:

    Your eyes are MESMERIZING ❤️

  14. prinz10ga says:

    I’ve played this game so many times over the years and can’t recall a single bonus.

  15. Peggy Quinones says:

    Good evening good luck

  16. Emilio Yugsi says:

    Game and beauty are accompanied by the hand What beautiful eyes you have you are very beautiful

  17. Lucas Trujillo says:

    great video

  18. Mike Nash says:

    You always smile with and without the mask.

  19. Eugenius says:

    Nice win, not a fan of that type of spin it feature though, none the less congrats!

  20. Loren Staab says:

    Like shark week said, well done.

  21. Art Magana says:

    Hello My Friend! Glad to see the winnings are well and good to see ya all the way from Ft . Worth TeXas!!

  22. soupman88888 says:

    Thanks for sharing

  23. Jeff Ng says:

    Double win tonight awesome. Keep on smiling, and have yourself a G'night Sarah.

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