38 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS @ Seminole Laborious Rock // Poker Vlog #16”
  1. Lex O Poker says:

    Comment Questions to be answered next VLOG! ♠️♦️❤️♣️

  2. Jack Scofield says:

    Wow I lost 500$ here last night

  3. R B says:

    They’ve got some insane high hand payouts right now

  4. Jason Lortie says:

    How did you build your bankroll? I'm currently grinding 1/2, but it feels like it could be a year at best before I'm sitting 2/5

  5. Matt Kiefer says:

    Q&A – What's your day job? Or do you play poker full time?

  6. Kris Hall says:

    Well played with the pocket 7s

  7. JamBasket Poker says:

    Show one show all. What a doofus for making you show. I’m not surprised by the petty move though.

  8. Tom Lea says:

    Lookin forward to WPT hope you make some deep runs

  9. Phong Giang says:

    Your game is dodo yo???????

  10. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker???????

  11. Jason Coleman says:

    When did u start playing

  12. Bully Boy says:

    You know the rule but you get butt hurt when called out on it. Lmao.

  13. David Zhao says:

    rules are rules. so it's not petty

  14. Adam Dulka says:

    can you talk about how you built your bankroll up in the Q and A, what stakes you started at and how long it took you to move up?

  15. kingdingdong80 says:

    I just subscribed. Lex is one of the better vlogs out there. keep it up bud

  16. Daniel Garland says:

    What style do you think works better in 5/10 or below in cash games GTO or exploitative? Also what is number 1thing you want to improve on skill wise? Great content! thanks for all you do for poker players like me!

  17. Daniel Garland says:

    What is the number 1 thing you want to work on or improve right now about your NLHE cash games? In cash games 5/10 or lower which style do you think works better GTO or explotive

  18. William Gates says:

    It's petty and immature not to follow the rules. Not to mention rude.

  19. Shimer Alex says:

    Hey Lex, can you show us your set up for vlogging on the table? How you position your phone, how the chips hold the camera in place, and also what’s the setting on your phone that you use to always record even when the screen is locked? (I don’t want people to know I’m recording) thank you! Cheers from Orlando Florida. -Alex

  20. Agustin Galindo says:


  21. Andrew Fiorentino says:

    Ouch! But that's poker you already know we have days like this.

  22. Anthony Martino says:

    Some days you gotta feed the fish. I play PLO in Tampa and losing to the guys who put it in with 4% or even 2.5% equity can make for some soul-crushing days

  23. Royal Flush456 says:

    I'm glad you got the vlogging pass!!!
    Your my new fav poker blogger.

  24. mashed potato says:

    you need to take a breather in between commentary

  25. Matt Barnes says:

    Love the channel new viewer. Show one show all is pretty standard its not the pot size it was an opportunity for him to get free info not being pretty I dont think Gl at tables

  26. Harvey Vail says:

    Are you full time or part time?

  27. Giedrius Bagdonas says:

    It's funny you think it's petty to ask to see your hand after you show someone else at the table.

  28. Matthew Kennedy says:

    Lex, do you even lift bro?

  29. Joshua Carlin says:

    Hey Lex. I am a fairly profitable 50cent/1dollar online player. I want to start playing live more. Do you think 1/2/nl is the best live game for me to start?

  30. Tay Lor says:

    Hard Rock made the right choice! This guy is next up

  31. Aaron Conway says:

    For the Q and A episode: what are the top 1-3 things you wish you knew about poker when you started?

  32. Aaron Conway says:

    Head up Lex, these guys will be giving it back soon…

  33. John Larson says:

    What is your educational background? What types of classes did you enjoy in highschool or college?

  34. Coyote71 says:

    Hello my friend !!! What a horrible play !!! Is clear that you are not prepared for this type of games ….you need to go back and play as max 1/2 or 1/3 stakes for a couple of months . Also you need to study more. Please do it ASAP before you get broken . Thank you my friend and be safe !!!!

  35. Nolan Friedman says:

    14 minutes in the video and you’ve got to be down like 5k wtf

  36. Lewis Knox says:

    Can you pretty much just go over how you came to the decision to play poker for a living?

    Were you working a job beforehand? How financially well off were you before going pro? What stakes did you start at and how (if at all) did you study?


  37. Rakesh Raju says:

    enjoyed your vlog subbed and will watch the rest of your videos…is that your voice in the background? your voice is diff on camera and over the mic

  38. Santino Bruno says:

    How good is the south Florida poker scene? Can someone make a living playing poker down there?

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