23 thoughts on “💸 HUGE TURNOUT! 💸 $12,000 GROUP PULL @ Arduous Rock On line casino in Las Vegas | The Huge Jackpot”
  1. The Big Jackpot says:

    Thank you everyone who joined us we had such a blast in Vegas last weekend. Look forward to this Saturday night from Tampa Hard Rock and possibly some live play tonight from Tampa too so stay tuned.

  2. hassan abdullah says:

    love your videos dude, keep em up

  3. happyhands05 says:

    Really good camera shots. Cool to see the other side

  4. Liliana Alvarez says:


  5. Sizzling Slot Jackpots says:

    Awesome back to back hand pays, fun to watch

  6. TracyD says:

    Awesome group pull! I am already counting down the day to the next group pull at Foxwoods!! I can’t wait to be with the whole crew in person again!! Boom!

  7. Cool says:

    But occasionally I want to talk about me.

  8. Sheri says:

    *******OMG******* Best group pull eva!! the energy in the room in just awesome and the anticipation of hitting a BOOM is thru the roof!! Hopefully one day ill be able to exp this!!
    ******TBJ MAYHEM***** love you guys <3 BOOM!!

  9. Sunshine Girl says:

    Lot of fun!

  10. Coach Tom says:

    The Group Pull was very exciting, so glad that BOD set up remote participation for the Patreons. Lightning Link was a nail biter and the $250 bonus hit was mind boggling. Finally, your $750 a pull Black Widow session was heart pounding. Thanks to Raja and all his Squad for a very entertaining weekend. See you in Tampa.

  11. DAVID JONES says:


  12. LEARN TO LOVE says:

    The Big Jackpot RULES!

  13. Sharon Hubrich says:

    Really don’t like when camera is at an angle. Difficult to watch and cannot see entire machine. Thanks for changing.

  14. LOVE YOURSELF says:

    Loving this lol

  15. Dane Buford says:

    Looks like great fun.

  16. Luc60 says:

    So much fun!!! One of these days I will get to one of these!!! <3

  17. PJ Slots & Entertainment says:

    Looks like great fun had by all. I like the T-Shirts. Will have to join in one of these days.

  18. XxGachaGalaxy Dog0xX says:

    The guy with the blue hoodie standing behind raja is so fricken annoying in this video. I bet raja was so annoyed this whole time. Especially when they kept screaming raja. Embarrassing if u ask me. Good video tho, besides all the damn screaming and the annoying guy.

  19. Casino News Radio says:

    Fun to watch….. Amazing to experience in person!!!! If you haven’t attended a TBJ event you are missing out!!!! See you at the next group pull!!! Good Luck in Tampa!!

  20. S Faataui says:

    This group pull is awesome

  21. Brian Of Denver Slots says:

    What an amazing time, thanks to everyone who came out! See you in Reno in a couple weeks!!

  22. S Faataui says:

    Moning coffee with the big jackpot

  23. Stone Evans says:

    13:03 you can here me call the back to back bonus :0

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